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Help: any suggestion on the name of upgrade Evolve series

Hi guys,
I hope you all have a happy day!
Wash hands before eating and vaping.

Please can you advise us some good names, thanks in advance.
Yocan plan to release a new vaporizer series, the upgrade of Evolve series.
And will develop many items in the near future, similar to those items:
Evolve Plus,
Evolve Plus XL, etc.

If we use your suggestion, one free sample can be sent to you.


Does it have to keep the word Evolve in the name?

If not, here’s a few suggestions :

The supreme result of Evolution would be : Nirvana

Superb swirls of electronic vapors could mean : E-Volute

Beauty that finished evolving would sound like : R-Evolve-Lucious

The best of the best could be : The Summum

Some might sound a bit cheesy, but we’re brainstorming here! :nerd_face: :rofl:


Here’s another one :
Zephyros : ZEPHRYUS (Zephyros) The god of the gentle west wind and the herald of spring. He was the husband of Chloris, the goddess of flowers, and the father of Carpus, fruits. ZEUS The King of the Gods and the ruler of the heavens. He was the god of clouds , rain, thunder and lightning


Great opportunity to take part in something fun and exciting. Thank you.

Because its a new series it needs a new series name. First thing that came to mind was Yocan: Evolution. I also like evolve-d and e-volute.


And another :

When you’re the best, at the top, you’ve reached the : Apex


  1. the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point.

“the living room extends right up into the apex of the roof” ·


  1. reach a high point or climax.

“melodic lines build up to the chorus and it apexes at the solo”


Thanks for choosing Yocan.


I just had another flash :

Antidote : To boredom with a nice Sativa.
Antidote : To sleepless night with a soothing Indica.
Antidote : To pain with a robust CBD.
Antidote : To bad experience with great customer support.
Antidote = The Solution!

Hey @uoocevape, I do all of this brain storming using one of your competitor’s products… Do you think I would do better with one of yours??? :rofl: :nerd_face: :crazy_face:
I sure am willing to give it a serious try … :wink:


I’m still waiting for you to contact me @uoocevape!

Have a nice day!

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  • Eos, titan and personification of dawn

EOS: dawn of a new age in vaping! :nerd_face:


Thanks for your suggestions.
Yeah, we need a new name, and a new product line will be create for this new item series.


Any specifications for the new models? That could be helpful in finding a name.

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Ok, since I like to play, let’s go…

How about this, a new series called The Emperor.

It would consist of a battery pack (mod) accepting 510 threads accessories. Double batteries preferred for longer vaping sessions before recharge. And a choice of accessories depending on the edition bought.

I.E.: The “ultimate” edition could be called : The Jade Emperor and would include a tank to vape dry flowers, another tank to vape oils and a third one for concentrates.

One level down, you could have one called : The Sun Emperor which would include the tank for oils and the one for concentrates.

At the entry point, you could have 3 models, depending on the tank preferred:
The Air Emperor could come with the tank for concentrates.
The Wind Emperor could be the one with the oil tank.
The Earth Emperor would be the one for vaping dry flower…

And you can have as many models as there are combinations of accessories available…
Since it would all be 510 threads, would could also market different accessories, like different size tanks etc…

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Sorry, I can’t share more information about this new item. It is upgrade of Evolve series.
Many our fans want to more powerful on-the-go vaporizer.
By the way, if you guys have any good ideas, please kindly let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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@Packee and @Ladithief, you concentrates maniacs, maybe this one will interest you too. I don’t know if you ever tried Yocan’s products, but they work really well and are cool af!

Good luck if you try it guys!


@uoocevape I know both myself and @Packee are very interested… @kapouic I haven’t tried a Yocan… I haven’t found a vaporizer I have been really impressed with… but I am on the search for the elusive “unicorn”…lol… thus I like the name Unicorn…lol…


@katmwall this one that never arrived though… and from china…lol… I din’t even get my unknown and unsolicited seeds from China because of this…

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The Yocan Nozzle

Illuminator. Take some whacks on this and you’ll find illumination. I personally have the Regen. Love the 3 Temps and really love the ceramic atomizer. Button is a little cheesy but it has held up to daily use.

They probably stole the one they liked and I know of know one yet that has received their free sample…if some on has I stand corrected at that point as then I know…lol…

No but I wouldn’t mind trying something new. The ceramic atomizer works great and no waste.