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Help diagnose pleas

Can anyone tell me what these little reddish spots are iv pulled 5 lower branches of that looked like they were dying and found these red spot on them?

I’m not so sure. If you look at them for a long time do they move? Do you have a magnifying glass or jewlers scope to take a peak? I couldn’t zoom in good enough to see a little better.

No I don’t sorry

Check up red spider mite, but they look a bit too big. Other signs of mites are little spider webs under the leaves and near the nodes as well as white spots on the top of leaves. You should see them crawling under most of the leaves. Be careful touching too many other plants and possibly isolate that plant immediately until you identify the issue.

Yeh definitely not mites I’ve seen first hand what they look like, only other thing I can think it might be I was never told to use calmag in grow as soon as I turned them with in a week or so they went brown and I was told calmag deficiency so I went to the garden centre and got magnesium chelate and sprayed it’s 100% organic brownie in colour I gave it a good spray 2x