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*HELP* Getting interviewed for trimming

Getting Interview over the phone for a position in trimming down here in Florida. How do I land the position with no experience? What am I expecting from this interview?


Be reliable and consistent. If you can be counted on, you will be the first person they think of for advancement.
Treat everyone with respect and consideration.
Listen and understand what is being taught to you.
Think about your own performance and what small or large changes you could make to improve.
If there is something about the position that is difficult or could be done better, try to come up with a solution before making a complaint.

If you can talk about those qualities and give an example of how where you’ve done those things before, you should do well. Chances are you’ll be provided on the job training. Be ready to listen, learn, and do what’s asked of you.


Do you have ANY trimming experience? If so, highlight it. Check out some YouTube trimming videos if you need some more info on the process, so you’ll be informed going into the interview.

Also, learn as much about the company as you can. It goes a long way when the company knows you’re interested in THEM and not just a position.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


If you can, reference a past experience where you enjoyed doing something repetitive and tedious. Be open and flexible about your hours, willing to work long hours or extra days when necessary. Make sure they know that you enjoy working with your hands. Be excited to learn about the grow but do not seem like you are interested in stepping on anyone’s toes or climbing over them.


each company has their own methodology. be open to learning theirs.

it takes a little time to ‘get up to speed’ as a trimmer. being a quick learner is helpful.

as per above, you really need to be good with repetitive, tedious, yet meticulous work. if that’s your thing, you’ll do great!


Many people join the industry by becoming a trimmer, and usually most people do not have experience when they begin. Even if a person did have experience, as mentioned above, each company has their own methods and processes. Stress that you are open minded and willing to learn. Having attention to detail is critical, as well as good organizational skills, there is a lot of paper work and tracking of product. Cleanliness is good also. Read up on molds that marijuana is susceptible to, not only how to identify them but the environment that they grow in. (What they feed on specifically, proper growing conditions, etc.) You could also research the different methods of trimming (wet or dry trim, hand vs machine trimming), different methods of drying and curing and even how to harvest marijuana. Even though trimmers may or may not be involved with these processes directly at the facility they work at, it’s good to know what happens before and after the trim stage.


Thanks for all of that guys. I made sure to use all advice given to me. interview went well I think, I’ll hopefully be getting feedback within the next week. Thanks again y’all are the best.