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Want to grow for my first time I’m looking to do it on the back half of my garage I’m building a room 13x7.5ft. With 9 Ft ceilings. What all will I need for this grow it has one window no a/c. I would like to grow super skunk and yield roughly 6-10lbs If it’s doable. Would rather use led lighting. If Anyone could provide help and tips I’d appreciate it!!


White walls
Air coming in, air going out with carbon scrubber
Winter you will need a heater in the state you live in, possibly ac in the summer (probably for sure)

You will need a couple thousand dollars of leds

You can wait for others opinions, that’s my 2cents

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would a couple of these work?

Thats a nice area for a growing room.
Make sure you have power sockets wired to make it easier to plug stuff in. And i would not use carbon scrubbers for odor get a big blue ozone generator its insanly superior. And insulation is a must.


Depending on enviroment of your area.
Foam insulation boards everywhere.
A Heater w/ thermostat control
Powered intake and exhaust air w/ thermostat control might be enough? Just insure fresh air source.
Grow media, container, techniques, nutrients, light source: GN members


Those lights won’t do it, maybe 25/30 of them will work

You need a few of these

or these


Just out of curiosity why wouldn’t the other leds works? And is there cheaper alternatives

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You need real lighting. That amazon blurple is a joke. What @piper posted will work great. Look into the lights at growers house.

This one is economical.


I still use my 1000 watt Metal Hylide
I got from its the king in vegging. Then i go to a full spec quantum board led.


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Gimme a min.Gotta rewrite.
Those phlizons each will flower a 2x2 space.
If you break up the room into a veg and flower space you’ll have to determine the size of the flower area.
Estimate a 2x2 per plant so you have just shy of 98 sq ft. total.
4 sq ft per plant.
You could easily do 10 plants in there space wise. Possibly a few more but size of plant and light are the biggest limiting factors.
A 7x71/2 part would work for flowering.
You are either going to have to veg longer or up the plant count with more light to get to the 10 lb Mark.
I use a 1000 w Hps /Mh set up with a sunsystem xxxl 8 in vented hood.
That will light up a 4ft x 5 ft area very well.
I’ve had 6 plants under it before but it gets very full trying to keep inside the light foot print.
You may want to look at something like that for economical up front costs but higher running cost in the end.
I’ve seen where some folks are using some of the Mars hydro boards with good success.
Think they’re the t s series.


Yes a good and easy way to divide the room is a tent helps to control Temps and humidity better. But if not separate the room into 2 rooms. Veg on one side flower on the other.


If you’re looking to build it as one big room and not grow perpetually, you can probably light about 5’x13’ and have a narrow aisle of 2.5’x13’ for access to the plants.

To light that big of an area and be able to harvest 10 lbs you’ll need about 3000 watts of LED or HID lighting. That’ll definitely require a lot of air movement or conditioning. It’ll also be a lot of humidity. If you live somewhere cool and dry you can do a lot of this with proper fans and ventilation.

If you go with HPS it’ll cost about $1000. Proper LEDs will be about $3000.

It’s doable to harvest 10 lbs, but it’s going to take a bit of money and a lot of dedication and learning.


@devjyarn is correct. I run 5 tents and many lights and fans. And im pretty sure im over $4000.00 in equipment. But i offset that every month by $1100.00 in revenue from sales. So right now im breaking even in costs. All my equipment has paid for itself. And im really doing well now! Soon i will be able to make a huge grow room. But im concentrating on tissue culture next.



That 1200w light is really

Actual Power: 241watt ±3%

That just won’t cover it and all my buddies above gave good reasons and advice.

Don’t go cheap on lights and ventilation, everything else is cool to go cheap, hell I have a $50 walmart tent, I buy 2.0cf of potting soil at $4.99 and 2.0 of perlite at $4.99

I used to use ffof, I just can’t afford it anymore, maybe next winter/summer totally organic


If you buy cheap light, you’ll end up buying twice… after your first harvest you’ll want a lot more than blurples. :nerd_face:


@piper @PreyBird1 @oldguy @devjyarn

@weedmandb that space has so much potential you could use that window for the exhaust ducting… @PreyBird1 rigged up a nice exhaust vent you could do something like that… I’m not adding too much everyone the responded to you are pros and you should listen to them… I have a construction backround but 1 step at a time… You don’t plan on leaving just studs right?.. Your going to insulate and drywall that way your environment is easier to control in all aspects from temps and humidity to pests and bugs… After all that and money invested… DON’T CHEAP OUT ON EQUIPMENT!!! Blurple sucks ass you get what you pay for I used one before take my advice on that don’t do it!!! You probably need a good 3-5 grand to make that space producing :fire:


Hey @piper i no longer use soil. I use tupur and idacal steer manure to infuse it. Also im using root organice dry amendments this run. Keep an eye out im going to post it in my thread topdawgs. I transplanted them and used the manure and new tupur. I have gone throught 25 cf of it. Its the same price as soil. Also if you want cheap coco use general hydroponics. They have a block for $10 makes 6 cubic feet. And a 28 gallon tote for $8 at wall mart to mix it up. It needs 9 gallons of water per brick.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: something to think about for sure


The blurples aren’t totally useless, but for the size of that room, it’s a waste of money.

They are really good for clones, seedlings, and first stage of veg.


My opinion after using it in my small fuckin grow they are useless lol at least for cannabis… I’ll never go back :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree:… I say that with much respect @piper just my opinion