Help! My Girl Guide Cookie is sick

I repotted this girl guide cookie a week ago and they’ve been doing fine and I just flipped 2 days ago to 12/12 and all of a sudden my leaves have started doing this could they be too close to my 1000 watt HPS?

from my experience… you wont really get light burn from hps unless its extremely close. mine use to stay 6inches away, but it had the glass barrier. if its not burning the back of your hand its not gonna burn the plants. maybe it’s the combination of light and too high temp in your ambient . but being too close, would affect the top… and this seems to me that its happening all over… what are your temps and feed ect… to try to get a better perspective of you situation.

Feed… look at that first… how much nitrogen are you giving?

Whats the rest of the 411 on this ladie sir?

No nutrients added at all. Just high quality potting soil.
I can add 20-5-5 to next water Tomorrow to see if that helps

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All other plants are doing well.