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Help please - auto flower

I have an autoflower plant that’s getting close to the time that I thought I should need to be harvesting her, but she’s tiny, and I’m not quite sure if she’s still growing. She had a very difficult start in life and barely made it past a seedling, and about a week ago, the main bud (probably about an inch or so in diameter) came off in my hand as I was trimming a leaf back.

What I would like to know is, do you think she’s at the harvest stage (disregarding her size), or should I just carry on looking after her as best as I can?

She sprouted 92 days ago if that helps?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated, btw, this is my first attempt at growing any kind of cannabis :confused:

Thanks in advance :grin:

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That is very tiny

What size pot are you using?
What type of soil?
Did you transplant?
What nutes are you using?
What lights?
Light schedule?
How far/close to the plant is your light?
How often do you water?
Do you have fans/air flow?
Are you using a ventilation system?
How’s your temps/humidity?

My tiny plant is at day 50 something, I love growing tiny plants, these are great, 9-12 in a sog :slight_smile:


Judging by the color of the pistols I’d say; yes harveste it.
Unless you’d like to try something different of course. Like seeing if you can put it back into a vegetative state or reveg. That would make it start growing again but I’m not entirely sure if that can be done with an Autoflower.

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Nah, that can’t be done with an autoflower, it does look like it’s been revegging for a while though, looks like a mutant, it happens, drop more beans :wink:


In my experience with autos, I’ve found them to be very tempermental, they will/can freakout and, start blooming @ anytime from seedling…




Adorable little thing isn’t she??? Next time you’re out go to the dollar store or hardware store and buy a cheap jeweler’s loupe–magnifying glass. I’d say give it a bit longer. You will notice a greying or dirtyness to the cola when it’s nearing readyness. That change is the trichomes changing from clear to cloudy to amber.

And yet, some people are cutting early in order to squish clearer rosin. Lots of ways these days.


The pot is about 10 litres,
It’s in Coco with perlite
This one was transplanted at about 5 days and again at about 5 weeks,
Nutes are micro, bloom and grow, and I’ve been using them at 1/4 of the manufacturers recommended strength,
1200w led light, started at 18/6, then went to 20/4 for about 2 weeks and back to 18/6 about 3 weeks ago,
The light is at least 4 feet above the plant, usually water her every 5 - 7 days, varying amounts depending on the moisture of the soil,
Have a humidifier and an oscillating fan on 24/7 temp is usually between 21°C and 24°C during the day/with the light on, at night/when the light is off, doesn’t drop below 18°C, and humidity started at around 60% then was told it needed to be higher for the age of the plant so got it to about 70%, and now it’s back down to about 55% (I was told as it gets older and the roots get bigger that it doesn’t need as much humidity on the air,
Have a carbon filter/extractor fan setup and running 24/7…

Hope this sheds some light on her situation :wink:

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Also, what would you say about this one anyone? @piper ? She’s the same age and the same strain, everything is the same apart from she HASN’T been transplanted, at all, and she’s been in a 15 litre pot for the whole time :grin:

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Autos can stress out easily and if they are all the same age that’s probably what happened and won’t get any better. Usely once stresst our they are stunted. It happens to the best sometimes. When I do autos don’t transplant just plan in 5 gal pot in coco and very little water. I give aboUT 2 OZ of water and water to dry before watering again. I would just pluck it and let it dry .

Sorry about spelling should dident have glasses oops.