Help PLEASE, bad green color?

These are two, purple hulk autos. I just gave them their first feed a couple days ago.(using DaKine420) and I noticed this color change in the leaves.

Is this bad, or just new growth

It’s hard to tell with those pictures could be a whole run of thing… but any time I’m unsure I go back to when I’m doubt flush it out… hit your plants with 6.0 ph water :sweat_drops: at least for three days straight and then slowly add nutrients back


Could be variegation too

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follow that advice and then pay attention to the new growth for any symptoms -


I agree w @Kut_Factory to flush. But I would try a flush with nutrients just like u normally feed phd to 6-6.2 . This will help to keep nutritional ratios in the zone. Remember all nutrients flush at different rates , nitrogen being the first to flush out a d immobile nutes flushing last.its impossible to flush 100% of nutes to start w a clean slate. Plants rebound faster and do not end up w scale build up if flushed every second week this way :wink: hope this helps you keep on growing my friend

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I really only notice it on the 2 leaves. The other plant looks just fine.

So flushing will help me?

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Unless it’s genetic yes it will ;), so long as your nutes have the deficient nutrient available

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Often nutrient issues are from lockout due to pH issues caused by scale build up. Or lock out due to a imbalance of nutrients In the rhizosphere. Be careful not to over feed it will eventually cause scale build up and is tough to remove.less Is more.its rare for a plant that gets fed a nutrient program to get deficiencies due to lack of food, they are almost always due to pH issues caused by scale due to overfeeding or the plant uptaking all the nitrogen causing pH spikes. Microbes are essential to buffer soil ph as well.if after a week this doesn’t fix issue you need to take a look at your nutrient program and see what’s missing possibly super early sulphur deficiency but should spread to whole top very soon

How can I fix sulphur deficiency lol.

Just flush?

Just making sure I got this :innocent:


Depending if your actually deficient , but molasses has some , but horticultural sulphur is your best route it’s cheap too.

Awww thank you @hoppiefrog good explination !!! What nutrients do u use and are you phing your water

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And sulpher deficiencies are kinda rare tho right

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I prefer earth juice but I’m using bio canna atm. And no never pH organics, it releases the nutrients in the wrong order

Okay, I’ll wait a couple days. And post another picture. And then flush, or start flushing? My soil is really moist and it’s been pretty rainy here. (Yes, they are outside) Arkansas.

This is honestly my second grow, I got my genetics from MSNL this time, first time was just bag seed.
Thanks man.

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Yeah not too common

Np happy to help :facepunch::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Best of luck hop it helps

Pleased to meet both of you btw :grin: @Kut_Factory & @larue2020

Where at in arkansas i have family in paris and ola!!!

You too brother

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Agreed! Very glad I decided to pick up growing and found this community.

See you in a few days friend