Help please

Hi all I’m quite new to this iv harvested a few grows now getting better each time
But I’m worried about theses the leaves on one are very yellow
They are all 6 weeks in to flower I have 3 they are blue cheese
One of the plants is bigger as I let it veg longer

any advice please


Hi @ttdaley78

Looking good. Maybe a couple small issues but that is your plants natural progression, its getting to the end of flower, maybe max 3 weeks left. I would remove the dying leaves carefully and in one big go. Stress the ladies out, shake them around, get them to produce fatter buds and focus on bud formation. While you doing that look for any dodgy pests, you are soo close. Dont stress yourself so late in flower, dont over do nutrients now. Do some yoga and meditation with the ladies, send them some good vibes. You are looking great, good growing.


Thank you I will do as you say tomorrow
I stop feeding in a week then