Help problems after a relocation

Hi, while this isnt my first grow it is my first grow under a new light.
Heres the back ground. I have 2 Blue dream autos and 4 GSC autos. they are in 5 gallon fabric pots. I am using soil that I have used many times which consists of my own compost from yard and chickens along with my garden soil added.

These plants were started outside and were out there for 4 weeks. With the daylight now only about 11.5 hours a day I moved them into the tent.
While outside these plants looked awesome and were doing super with just a light feed of Advanced nutrients sensi bloom a and b. 1 mil per liter

I moved them inside and into the tent. It took a couple of days and then the problems started these pictures are from one week in tent. This is a 4x4 tent and he new light is a mars hydro FCE 4800. I had it running 14 inches above the canopy at 75 percent on an 18/6 cycle. Tent temp is 75 degrees light on and 70 off. The humidity runs 65 percent give or take now and then. Run off PH is 6.3 to 6.6 between the six plants.

they looked a ok for the first couple days then started to yellow, claw and more. It is worse by the day. The leaves also have a tough leathery feel to them. I have not found any pests or such. These plants looked absolutely awesome when i brought them in.
My first thoughts were maybe they were getting to much light after the time outside and now have raised it quite a bit to around 20 inchs and cut to 50 percent output. I just did this today so wont know if it helps.
I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas and input.
Thanks much in advance.


Heya @hntrml

Welcome back. Long time no see. I might be wrong, but sounds/looks more like a root problem. Over watering perhaps, or dry spots in your soil mix. Your temps are good, pH is sharp, plants were happy and healthy. The auto’s might also just be adjusting to their new indoor environment. What is your soil like if you put your finger into it at the knuckle, cold and damp?


I am now thinking along your lines with the dry spots. They were actually really really dry. I was using the same watering schedule as i did outside which wasnt alot, along the lines of half liter every other day or so because of our rains lately. The phs to run off were taken outdoors just before i brought them in. I have watered them to run off for the first time since in tent this morning and will see how they go. On a side note a few roots have actually broken through the fabric near bottom and are nice and white.


They look hungry to me. They may need more frequent or higher EC/PPM feeds with the longer light hours.



They got a drink and a light feed. By drink I mean they sucked up a lot before I had run off and catch saucers were dry by this morning. They looked better already and Ill update in a few days after we settle to a new routine.