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HELP, Red Jack Auto gone wrong, I think

She started out strong and then this…What the heck! What’s her problem? Thanks


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If I’m not mistaken it looks like your soil is mostly peat moss, The spacing between your buds and flowering is Very curious ,

The droopiness of the leaves and fineness of them shows poor root development, Great white microbes and/or Microbes, Your cannabis will be good

What strain of cannabis is that

The way your plant is growing reminds me of Thai stick, It is an old cannabis plants,

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Not sure if u have broad mites tbh. The leaves are showing you have too much air flow on her? That’s also possible.


The curled leaves are the sign I notice

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That’s Coco coir too red in color to be peat

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I’m using coco with 10% perlite. This was a freebie that I got from seed city called Red Jack which is a auto seed.
Maybe to much air. I can go with that.

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Nitrogen toxicity, not enough light are two that I can see.

It’s 22" under a California Lightworks Solar Extreme 250.

Power Draw: 200w
500 PPFD Distance: 18"
800 PPFD Distance: 12"
Max Current: 1.6A @120v
Coverage Area: Up to 3’ x 3’

I stand by what I stated. Not all of those 200W are producing light. Some energy is loss through the drivers and fans.
This was before I knew what light you had. This only confirms it. I’m not saying it won’t grow, just don’t expect a pound from it.

I’m curious if you start it up in that pot from day one or if you starter from small pot to big pot Transplanting

Same 3 gal pot from day 1.

Top right is her.

It’s a possibility that you didn’t get a good root development , Next time you start from seed or clone start from a small Dixie cup to a 1 gallon pot and then transplant it to your final container and I doubt you will have the same issue