Help sexing

New to growing not sure if this one is Male or female any help would be much appreciated

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Is that an autoflower. It looks pretty small for it not to be? If it is I’d have to say male

This is my first try at growing its a VC-charlie(vietnamese landrace) so no its not an autoflower and it is very small maybe 12 in i was just surprised to see anything other than veg on it today

Im having a hard time seeing the top pic. Keep looking at the node point on the shoots in your second pic. You will either see hairs start(female) or you will see little grapes. If you see the grapes forming,you wont mistake those little balls,get it out, unless you want to collect the pollen than thats a different subject.

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That’s a male plant, sorry it’s taken you so long to get an answer.

Also, welcome!