Help, what is this leaf/plant telling me?

I flipped this to flower on 12/23 it seems healthy with new growth. I’m giving it fox farms fertilizer.
But I have random leaves yellowing with green specs. Any idea what it is trying to say?

What are you feeding?
Feeding schedule?
Tap or RO water?
What is in your medium?

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Is the bucket heavy or lite

What is on your yellow sticky trap?


Hi @Sirdala :

For me, it seems normal. The plant is already flowering and, when it happens, leaves start to decay. In any case, check the back side of the leaves for mites or other insects, just to be sure.



Looks normal to me - Considering that you’ve put it into flower. Be mindful of over-watering and try some minimal defoliating… Looks nice - any idea of strain?:v: