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Hemp Flower Shipment Pulled over by Wyoming State Police!

In early November, we got a call that one of shipments was being detained by the Wyoming State Police.

Read more here:

Please let me know your thoughts on this as well as any similar experiences! I always want to hear these stories.


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Wow, I’m glad no one was detained.

Especially since it looks and smells like Marijuana!

Think what needs to happen here is that we farmers, producers, processors (ie anyone dealing with hemp) need to have a COA (certificate of analysis) sealed inside a tamper-proof see-thru bag which would indicate that the product inside the bag is, in fact hemp.

Have the lab provide a tracking # for that specific bag of hemp so that law enforcement could log-on to a central website (or the labs website) so the law enforcement officer could cross-reference that tracking # online and the lab would then provide some type of information that would prove the shipment is LEGAL and allowed to be on it way down the road.

I’m sure that some form of this type of system will come along in a few years.

Just a thought.


Not a bad idea! Do you think this will be produced in the private sector or by the government?

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But sure I can put one in my marijuana shipment… I am beyond pro marijuana…lol… I will go to jail for my beliefs… just pointing out that it’s easy to fool with paper work…


First thought that popped in my head… 10lbs of hemp with paperwork… Who’s gonna notice :wink:

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Idaho’s new policy combats this. They take random samples of all shipments that pass through their state. I am sure we will see other states follow suite or new regulations that require carriers to send in samples from each shipment to test it.

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Here in California drivers carry the qualifications required for transportation of cannabis within the state … Everything is verified with CA seal of approval :rofl:


If the government does it the tracking software project would take too much time. A smart software coder could probably write something in about 6 months and make a pretty penny on it…

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Shit I can counterfeight money…lol… why not a packing invoice…

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:sunglasses::exploding_head:… And we survive :wink:

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Definitely! Be Interesting to see who jumps on this and how they roll it out .

How would someone coordinate this with the govt? I don’t think the police would like to look it up on a private company’s database…?

Good thoughts