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Hemp Needs Your Action

You may or may not be aware that the current Farm Bill in the Senate contains a provision that 1) dramatically supports hemp farmers 2) removes hemp from a DEA Schedule 1 Classification.

This is important for several reasons, a DEA declassification is an important step for cannabis as a whole. Also, it supports hemp agriculture AROUND THE COUNTRY, not just state x state. Now is a good time for the entire cannabis community to show strength because undoubtedly, at some point (HOPEFULLY in the near future), there will be a similar movement for MJ in front of various committees. AND, declassifying hemp as a Schedule 1 drug is a victory for cannabis and definitely creates a Congressional precedence for marijuana declassification.

Yesterday, Senator Grassley (R-IA), presented an amendment that would de-couple hemp from CBD-basically, it would allow for hemp grows but keep hemp “cannabinoids,” “extracts,” and “derivatives” classified as a Schedule 1 drug. This really pulls the rug out from hemp farmers-and CBD- in the USA. It did NOT even get a vote this morning, but Senator Grassley has said he will continue to work with other committees (and Senators) (side note: Diane Feinstein of CA has been particularly obtuse about this issue in my communications with her, so if you live in CA, please use your voice) to get his language into the Farm Bill.

As with all federal politics, it’s a bit complicated, but hemp needs the cannabis community to continue its rally.

You can tell your Senators YOU SUPPORT HEMP CBD in 5 seconds using this link:

Thank you for your help.


Thanks Tara for bringing this important issue to our members here at GNET! Further, thanks for providing a link so we can all take action! Time to use the power of your voice GNET!


I thank you for your help @Growernick :muscle: