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Hemp new regulations?

Is this true Hemp is taken off Schedule 1 on Thursday? I haven’t heard anything, but these guys swear 280 E does not apply to hemp anymore.

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Do you have a cite to anything? …I checked the Federal Register and nothing is listed yet, though it is very clear that Sen. McConnell want it delisted.

thanks I was told this by a new client I think he is confused

It wouldn’t surprise me given McConnell wants it done, we will watch for it…you can also find a link to 21 CFR which is the place it would be published on the front page of our website near the bottom on the menu entitled “Resources”


The sad truth is that laws do not follow science, and vice versa. The DEA only cares about products made from “marijuana” and not hemp, despite the fact that they’re the same species.

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At least it’s another small step, just as long as were not going backwards


@Hunter if anyone needs quick access to FinCEN, FDA regulations…on lower part of the front page of our website there is a widget box called “Resources” that has

FIN-2014-G001 – FinCen Cannabis
DEA Diversion Control
DEA Controlled Sub. Sched.
21 CFR – Electronic
BSA eFiling System

which is all of the Treasury Money Laundering, DEA Diversion Control, 21 CFR which is where the hemp regs live and the BSA system for filing Form 8300’s.

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