Herms x fems for breeding?

Intersting thought. I been looking into alot of breeding and was curious to see what you guys would think. Would crossing a true herm with male sac to a fem create regular seeds? Or would it make herm seeds. From my understanding reg seeds create all the genes male, female, and herm. What do you think would happen? Would they make any seeds and if so would they be regs fems or herms? Or would the pollen be sterile and not create any seeds. Just a shower thought for ya lol.

Hermies are inferior in my opinion… I’d always cross with true plants… Just me tho… I’ve never tried breeding

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You will only get hermied seeds. Only way to stop it is back crossing. And that can take 5-10 yrs.
This site has a ton of info great for reading and researching before you start.


I would never used a hermied seed for breeding. The key to breeding is to use the BEST you can find. Thats why people grow 50 plants of the same strain to pick 3 to breed.

When I’m breeding a strain I drop 100-200 seeds of the same strain. I expect 80-90% germination within 24 hrs. Only those seeds are considered. The others I will grow and smoke but the most vigorous will pop right away.

Of those I will watch them as seedlings. The first half that need to b transplanted from solo cups to small pots stay in the breeding program. The rest go to fun growing.

At this point I have around 75 plants to chose from. I’ll watch them in veg and if they are slow or have any weird leaf growth or coloring they get the boot as well.

I take around 50-60 into flower where the top 5 males and 10 females get chosen for breeding. I will put the best male with the best 2 females in a tent and collect the pollen as he drops it. And I pair up the rest as well, 1 male to 2 females. This gives me 5 breeding pairs. The top pair of breeders are the seeds I will use if I want to continue the line of seeds to an f2, s2 or etc.

It’s much more than just seeding up a plant and saying I bred some seeds. But it is a lot of fun if u want to breed I highly recommend it.


Ok, for the sake of discussion and learning (I’m not ready to breed yet…but I am curious) :
If I would like to start breeding, is there any equipment I need to have? Something you would definitely say it’s a must have for successful breeding? :thinking:
Or is it just a matter of having a clean space to do it? :nerd_face:


Separate tents to keep plants separate. And then breeding tent with flowering lights and lots of far red.
That could be 3-5 tents. You cant have 2 males in one tent you would have no idea which was what plants offspring or pollen that did the job.


It’s a completely separate grow system. EVERYTHING is separate. Nothing gets shared. I don’t even like the fact I wear the same shoes in both spaces. Believe me I’ve thought of getting those shoe covers your cable installers wear for my breeding area.

I always tend to my grow space first and then my breeders. Once I’ve been in that space I leave the grow rooms altogether. Sounds crazy right? I didn’t start out this insane. I got this way so that should tell you something. Soooo easy to seed up your whole recreational grow if you’re not this careful. That’s why a lot of breeders don’t grow and growers don’t breed. I like both.


Exactly Why you do it. @justgrowin.
With Pollen it is very easy to cause cross contamination pollination. And it is really bad. I want to do both grow and breed. very cool i think. Im learning my way there.


@justgrowin @PreyBird1 @scotty17 @kapouic i would never use a herm for breeding lol. Ive been growing a while and ive made 4 of my own strains already. I just ckme accross alot of herms from other breeders. All the stuff i have made hasnt showed any herm traits. But its not to say they arnt present, they are regs so im sure we got a couple trans ladies in the batch lol. Just wanted to here what others thought. I know we got alot of people that think a herm is a resault in bad breeding and bad genetics but that isnt true. All cannabis plants will herm if there is no male present. To ensure it genes keep going. Lots of plants do this. Survival technique. Ive bought alot of seeds and alot of those have been herms. DNA genetics 24k fems were my first ever pack i bought and all of em were true herms with male sacs and female pistols. It pollinated itself but never grew seeds. Infertility. Anyways i was just curious too see if yall acctually got seeds from a plant like that because all the ones ive had never really grew antly seeds. Except for some Colorado Clementines by la plata labs grew alot of seeds i saved em but never have grown em or tried.


I have got hermied plants to seed and i have some test seeds. And some seeds i crossed the female pollen with some of the same females and i have those seeds. And im actually growing a test seed now to see what it does. If a plant is really ripe it will make male flowers like you said to save itself for the next generation. I had a fem auto trainwreck do this. I have also made plants hermie by stressing the buds below the canopy.


Hermied seeds are more prone to hermie. That’s a fact. And if a seed bank sells u a seed from a hermied plant I would b pissed. I expect sensimilia seeds when I buy from a bank. There should b NO GENETIC PREDISPOSITION TO SEED. That’s what u get from a hermied seed.

U can argue that fact all day long but it’s a fact.