Hi, New member here

Hi, I am a new member on the forum. It’s my first post.


Welcome to GN @zee75 , tell us more about you? Do you grow?


Hi @zee75. Welcome to the Growers Network. I hope we get to see your growing soon. We are very glad you are here with us now. You couldn’t come at a better time than now! Lol. The community will help you out, if you so desire any assistance.

•Starting with a support ticket will help strengthen your growing abilities. It will help you guide your next grows with prev data that you can build from.

This is a support ticket. Copy and paste it to your thread and fill it out to the best of your abilities. The community will help with any questions you may have.

Grow Journal Check List

Strain (bagseed too):
Indoor, outdoor:
Tent, Room Size:
Light height:
Temps (day and night):
Relative Humidity (day and night) :
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) :
Pot sizes:
Soil, Coco, or Dwc:
Nutrient type:
Ph numbers:
Ec and PPM:
Water Temps:

Seed germination date:
Veg duration:
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water):

It will provide many more topics to discuss in your Thread/Room. You keep all your info in the one place. Every time you post in your thread, it goes to the top of the pile and you get more interactions.


Threads Vs Posts. A thread is a personal room. A post is each time you comment on a thread. Your threads are yours to talk about growing cannabis topics and conversations you choose to have within the guidelines of our community. No gun, politics and social conversations unless pertaining to growing cannabis. these conversations take away from those in need of help growing their medicines.

Be respectful of others threads/Rooms. DO NOT photobomb or randomly talk on others threads. These are peoples work. respect them and they respect you.

Have a great time. Mingle and get to know the cannafam.


good morning. cant wait to see your grow pics. :smiley:


Thank you for welcoming! I am a bird lover, and trying to attract the birds
by using the different seeds. Although, they are not coming is large numbers,
but the squirrels are very regular. So I have used some of the smells to keep the
squirrels away
. Let me know if these smells can be bad for the seeds in any case.
I don’t want that the seeds spoil quickly.

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Craziest version of spam ever! Lol

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