Hop Latent Viroid

Hello All,

My name is Jon, and I am a commercial indoor grower in Oregon.

I am looking for anyone who has delt with, or knows about HpLVd - Hop Latent Viroid.

I recently discovered the virus in a set of plants I cloned from an infected mother.

I would like to chat with anyone who knows about this situation.

Nice to meet you all,

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I haven’t had to deal with it at scale, but I’ve been keeping up some of the research and solutions regarding it.

What would you like to chat about?


I would love to find more information regarding the solutions. I know tissue culture is an option, but I don’t have easy access to that.

I have specimens that are currently infected, and I’m curious if they can be treated, or if they just need to be killed.

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It cannot be treated without a meristem tissue culture scrub. Micropropagation tissue culture will not clean the plant of the viroid. Neither will any other dip, spray or treatment.

The viroid is easily passed mechanically - it can be passed on if a worker touches an affected plant, then a clean plant. Affected plant leaves touching other plant’s leaves can pass the viroid as well.

If you have a small number of plants that you have identified as having the viroid they should be quarantined ASAP at the very least, and the environment they were in and the equipment around them should be cleaned thoroughly. Observe any plants that were in close proximity for signs of the virioid. You may consider putting them in a separate quarantine from the known affected plants.