Hot Soil for Growing

Hello everyone,
Im noticing a lot of grower are posting and showing photos of leaf burn, and other deficencies. I would like to speak on an issue of soil. If you are using Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil there is enough nutrients in that soil, whereas you don’t have to use nutrients for maybe 3 weeks and that’s in veg. Using Happy Frog is lighter for seedlings until switch to veg. So, maybe what’s happening is many growers are using Hot Soil with nutrients already mixed in, and adding more nutrients on to of the nutes in the soil which can cause nite burn. Also, the pH should be controlled for nutrient uptake. Last but not least watch for your ppm and closeness of lighting. All of this information I learned on my own. I’m on my six grow, so I learned a lot on my on by reading. I also took notes here and there from other growers. I hope this can help any and all new growers. Another thing leave your plants alone when they’re growing they don’t need help to grow other than feeding and light maintenance.


Learned that the hard way haha in my vegetable garden. So in my cannabis garden i started using a neutral organic soil and add dry amendments to the soil( mixture of 454 and 394 based on pot size and then add dry amendments to the top soil when in flower. Just water the plants and let all the microorganisms do their job and feed my plants. Between feedings just use a NPK tester to make sure the ladies are health.

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