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How do you clone

Want to learn about cloning banks

You can make a clone machine for like 50$


Or u can clone for free by cutting a node and roughing up the stem and popping it in some dirt.

It’s not rocket science it’s a plant. They clone pretty easy. No need to spend money to get a plant to clone.


@justgrowin Yup pretty much the same here too!!
I use those peat pucks and the powder from walmart lol works for me 100% never fails me!!
Cheers growmies!! Cheers justgrowin!!!


Yes what are the best clone banks

I built a clone machine for about $35 and I felt I splurged on it lol idk about any clone banks except for near LA. Check out my thread on a homemade clone machine and see how other people built theirs as well.

I just cut them and put into plugs. Use a little hormone. Clip the fan leaves. Use the propagation dome. And a heat mat set at 72°. Ten to fourteen days. Roots.
You need to acclimate the new plants to the fresh air slowly. Once they are rooted and can take fresh air. The are you ready to plant.
Keep it sterile. Use gloves. Buy sterile scalpel for cut. Sanatize scissors for cutting fans