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How do you handle feedings

I feed damn near right along with ya there MK3… Same organically sourced minerals and nutrients, shifted in flower. I dont run a product line. I built my own as well, fish fert or live culture, bloodmeal, guano, kelp, fish bonemeal, potash, etc…

I am curious MK3… What have you found to be a strong source of potassium?:cowboy_hat_face:


Muriate of potash 0-0-60
or if you like danger go with monopotassium phospahate 0-52-34. How ever i only use this in transition as a bloom enhancer.


What about feedings based on liquid weight. Since IF manufacturers actually put what they say into the product. Then weight by liquid volume. SHOULD be pretty much spot on. Right?
Most independent testing shows most NPK on products are wrong. (Kinda like LED manufacturers and the equivilent scale they use. Very very loose standards).
Would liquid weight still contain the same PPM numbers?

I would have to dig deep to find it. Basically Mammoth Microbes has a math formula for sucessful growing. Esentially the ×(E) section of the formula, is for human error on input to the grow.
I have found its best. To not over complicate this process of growing. I see sooo many new growers using fifteen to thirty products added into their grow. Using three or five different company lines at the same time. Astounding.
Dont over complicate it. Try to simulate nature as best as possible.


That’s good point. Consistent


Did you Try sulfate of potash


I havent yet. infact i have made a adjustment over to calcium nitrate. Thanks to one of our members bringing that up… I will try try it. should work well thanks

edit. might actually be good thinking about it. I test my soil PH weekly. im usually coming in around 6.5 to 7.0. this might help keep it around 6.8 7.0


yeah. check cec values and sodium . Logan labs a great soil testing facility . sue owns it. she will send bags and bill mckibbon will analyze for you. I read soil test for about 8 years soil be happy too make good sense of em. I know a couple labs around the country. Logan is solid. its in Ohio