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How do you take your meds?

OK this may be an assumption but the magic 8-ball sez that probably most readers of these words are medical marijuana patients. As someone who has had a license for more than a week, I consume all forms of cannabis products BUT I only consider a portion of it as “medicine”; the rest is just “smoke.”

So while the flaming skull 6 foot bong is great for the latter, I take my meds very seriously. To reach the potency my needs require I must concentrate it; to last long enough so I am not dosing every 10 minutes, I turn it into Rick Simpson oil (which is ready to be used as an edible as it has been decarbed BUT it has the potency of near-wax) that I then fill .5 gram gelcaps with and freeze in bottles, thawing a days worth each morning (1.5 grams or 3 gelcaps) that I take once in the morning and then twice over the evening hours. I do straight THC when thats all I have but when I need to wake my brain up (and free it from the dementia for a time) I lean on a pretty specific CBD-centric mix of RSO I came up with…

Now I came up with this on my own after a TON of testing but it works well for me; as such I am sure that just about every other method out there rocks so lets hear it; how do the meds go down?


Personally think even smoke is medication, whether from a joint or bong. I also take cannabis recreationally in any form possible and think that this is the right way of doing it. Whether its a gel capsule, infused food or a topical treatment I think it all has its place for healing of your body and mind.

I work with a couple patients and helped them get access to whatever is available on the market. My one friend, he has settled on smoking a joint and eating coconut infused cannabis high in THC. He does not feel any benefit of CBD only solutions. His tablespoon of cannacoconut at night gives him the sleep and relaxation he needs.

@lbdwarrior, I will reply to your message. Sorry its taken so long.


I am a medical patient first, then recreational, back in the day I was full stop recreational.

Cbd, vaping (only legal way in NY) does nothing for me, flowers is my go to, I am not a joint person anymore, but do enjoy one every now and then especially with some buddies.

I never liked blunts, over in Europe it is very popular to mix tobacco with the weed in blunt, to me, that’s disgusting :slight_smile:

All I have to say is use what works for you and enjoy :wink:


All I have to say is use what works for you and enjoy

And that is the cool thing about cannabis as a medicine, it also makes sense due to us all being very unique individuals with different environments, metabolisms… etc.

I am trying to quit cigarettes and its really going to be hard not smoking tobacco with my weed.


I use to thing that too. But that’s only for a few joints, after that you will forget you ever used tobacco! And I was a heavy smoker at 3 packs/day for 35 years…

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Before this “stuff” happened to me I quit cigarettes for 5 months, then this shit happened and I deteriorated very rapidly, I was a angry grumpy old bastard and it wasn’t fair to my wife (a pack lasts her a week) and others and I wasn’t happy, so I started smoking again, I am happy, and not a bastard anymore. :slight_smile:

If I die from them, shit happens, I had a good life, have some awesome kids and grandkids here in the states and England.


Hey Gang I wasn’t trying to belittle the humble J or standard tokeage; if thats what works, thats what works. Thats the sort of messed up part about medical marijuana; because of the back-handed way it was brought into being, its like they said yes go medicate but you gotta go get your own medical degree to figure out how/when/where/howmuch/etc will work for you. IOW along with becoming our own pharmacists, we had to become diagnostistians as well…with the predictable results. So right now in the public eye, MMJ is like a poor twist on that South Park Underwear gnomes joke:

How to treat your condition with pot;

  1. Smoke a random joint.
  2. ???
  3. All Better!

As long as we keep a mindset like that, pot will continue to get treated like it does in the mainstream medical community: a joke to be tolerated. I have noticed they sit up and act way more serious when I speak to them as at leat another medical pro might speak to them (I am NOT). Consider the two scenarios with a doctor and yes I am sure this is regional but we have been there:
Scenario 1: You are sitting down with a new doctor and he asks about your cannabis use.

“Uh, yeah I toke some to take the pressure off or pain away…”
“How much do you use and for what ailments?”
“Whatever I can afford and just because it makes me feel better.”

Scenario 2:
“How much cannabis do you consume and for what ailments?”
“I consume 1100mg of THC orally per day with 50gm doses of 75% CBD/3% THC oil for dementia and Parkinsons symptoms.”

“Is that all?”
“No, I also microdose hybrid flower throughout the day for appetite and general pain control.”

“Does this help?”
“Yes, with proper dosing I remain active throughout the day, accomplishing far more than if I had done nothing. I am maintaining weight while making the most of whats left of my mind as the dementia proceeds,.”

OK enough of that but the point is I have noticed doctors that are not already in your corner tender to sit up and work with you when you act like you are taking your meds seriously and not just an excuse to get high at work…although I got high at work for so long I doubt anyone would have noticed but I digress…

For some things, unconcentrated pot just isn’t strong enough to do the job, at least in my case that is true. In point of fact I found that not only do I need to use a few specfic strains in my so-called "Voodoo juice) but the potency ranges had to be pretty damned exact, ie if I have this specific oil I can clear the fog of dementia in two minutes flat. If I step even a few percent outside the CBD or THC profile, the efficacy drops to zero almost immediately. So for me, its ONLY a few strains, ONLY when concentrated to a pretty specific profile and ONLY when consumed via vaporization; I think the latter has to do with crossing the blood brain barrier, why my AD and PD meds don’t work for shit.

Now I had to figure all this out on my own, which sucked because I would much rather just have someone even a doctor tell me what to use and how to use it. So much wasted time, money and in my case, sanity.

So this was the genesis of my question really…for those that use MMJ seriously, you obviously have worked out how to use it as a medicine best for your condition…and so the next generation doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel, I was hoping we could share what we do, what we have figured out and what works for us…