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How do you treat your hemp crops differently?

This question pertains to the @growopowners who grow both psychoactive cannabis and cannabis for hemp. If you grow outdoors, how (if at all) do you treat your hemp crops differently than your psychoactive cannabis cultivars?


what do you mean, fertilizers and nutrients or ways to prune and care bushes?


Both answers are applicable here



The biggest issue is Hemp as a fiber crop will it become a commodity? Will there be a futures market?

The CBD market is becoming more commodity like. These are all going to put pressure on the growers choices.

The field cannabis prodiction for THC are going to face a whole different set of problems. For example how would you dry a section of cannabis without introduction of post harvest handling problems.

The winners in this game will be the growers who can produce a finished crop each week of the year. They will have the highest quality and the most cost effective post harvest handling option. They are going to have the lowest cost for gram per sqft week. They will have the highest differential between cost of production and market price. This is profit. This also opens the opertunities to vertical market. Again a way to increase profit.

How many growers are producing a weekly crop?

Will we see grower cooperatives? Cooperatives mean potential for Centilized banking operations and mutual insurance. Again a cost savings.

Centilized post harvest handling?

These are the questions. I don’t know if I see answers.

From the voices in my head