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How long do you veg?

So I’m curious on what others veg times are like… Obviously no wrong or right answer… Do you veg for 45 days or is it 3 months and why… I usually do ( 18/6 for good 2 months at least)


60 days :wink: normally


And in your answer is my question brother …thank you… “normally”… I’m trying to figure out how a shorter veg or longer veg can positively or negatively affect the harvest… I get the yield part but will it affect quality or terpes or any other aspect


I say normally because, when I am done with surgeries I will be doing 12/12 from seed, for females, clone them, then do 60 days :wink:

Other than that, I’e never vegged less than 60 days, but, I know a lot of people that do 5-6 weeks, they come out nice, I myself will give it a try soonish


The veg time is up to you and to your facility. Remember, the plant will continue to grow when in flower. Your final grow height will determine the amount of veg time. If you want there are many strains that include auto flower. If you use these, the plant will change on its own.


Normally Mother Nature make that choice for me.
Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


Until it looks like it could bare some flowers: thickish stem and multiple bud sites, couple feet high kinda thing.

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As soon as I get a good root and the top looks strong enough to bare weight.