How should i harvest

so whats the GN community out look on harvesting? pull up from roots and hang or do branch and hang?


If you are trimming by hand and have a large crop, I would take branches off individually, trim the buds and keep them on the branch, and hang the the branch on a line in your drying area. Then saw the plant down after all the branches you are going to harvest are removed.

Let the stump rot away a little in the ground for a couple weeks before you pull it up, makes things a lot easier. You can prep the plants by removing the fan leaves prior to harvesting to make the job easier.


Branch by branch.


Depends on how much space I have and the setup if I have a whole room I can control temp and humidity I like to cut the plant whole after removing fan leaves and hang for 10 days most of the time then cut apart branch by branch to trim dry. I find that 55% humidity and 16-18°c works best for me.its the only way I can slow the process down close to two weeks.


Hey there! I wouldn’t pull up from roots. Just cut and hang in one piece or several pieces depending on your space. I generally trim all fan leaves off in the days before the cut and I’ve been cutting some of the other leaves as well.

After cut I do not trim. Just hang to dry then trim (if needed or wanted) before or even after curing.

The difference in the terp smell from dry trimming vs wet trimming is incredible.