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How To Amend Soil for An In-Ground Outdoor Grow

Hello all … this is my first time growing and my first post. I am using 1 square acre of land for an outdoor (in-ground) grow. I want to go stay organic. My pH is adequate for cannabis gardening but I’m deficient in N-P-K. I will use a plastic mulcher/raised bed layer for my crop. What would be the best soil amendment(s) for the crop in this situation?


Can you get a soil composition or fertility test from a local company? They are quite affordable and will tell you exactly what your soil has and what it needs to be amended with to meet your goals.


I cant grow outside here legally. Maybe if you look here in this thread about prepping outdoor fields for growing. But @devjyarn is correct. You need to know what is missing before you go adding. Don’t want to much of one thing either.
@bobette plants outdoor and i think she uses a tractor to dig holes and amends her soil then puts it into the holes made with the tractor.


Thanks for the quick reply … I had my soil tested and it came back with a pH of 6.4, N 3, P 19 (10 ppm), and K 210 (105 ppm). I was wondering what type of organic amendments (manure, guano, worm casting, blood meal, bone meal etc) would be best and/or most practical for fertilizing a grow of this size.


I don’t grow in soil so my advice wouldn’t be that great. When there is something I don’t know much about I have to ask for good advice from people I trust. KIS Organics is the place I would approach with your soil test results and request their recommendation for the best way to amend your soil for the season. KIS works hard to source quality products and every conversation I’ve had with them has been helpful and professional.

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I do organic dry amendments (in small scale indoors) but I hit them with about 12-14 tablespoons per plant of 8/4/4 during veg and 4/8/6 during flower (though with the massive girl’s you get outside it’ll be closer to 20 each)about every 2-3 weeks since it takes that long for it to make its way down from the top layer and be fully broken down . Down to earth makes a great 4/4/4 and 4/8/4 that all you need is bloodmeal and potassium (and usually cal mag) booster , molasses and a little Epsom salt does great for that while also multiplying the microbes


when i start a new guerilla spot i use bone meal blood meal./ the varmits will like the smell of both of the item i write amout. put up a low fence you can step over. the blood meal is for nitrogen. use a little it will burn. both or low cost.i get mine from a farm and ranch store dolomite lime if needed gypsum kelp rock dust. old forest floor compost. earth worm casting or free aged cow manure my go too. and bat guano for flower. add any potting soil except for miracle grow it can be used potting soil your wife as killed the plant growing in the pot the potting soil is used to just loosen the soil up.

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