How to set up odor control while running CO2?

I am always concerned about security, and smell control is high on the list.i normally address this by running negative air (14" exhaust with a charcoal filter and ozone generator)I plan to set up CO2 soon but am concerned about how to set it up without causing odor issues.the best I can figure would be to set up a single 4" exhaust with filter and ozone to maintain negative air without removing too much CO2.i am open to room is sealed pretty good but I have passive air in w 14" exhaust.


Since I’m on only me second grow, I’ve a lot of questions and not many answers. I’ve got two regulators and a couple of empty tanks left from when I was doing freshwater plant aquariums. I know from that experience that you have to have your light together before adding CO2. I’m nowhere ready for that variable yet with cannabis. Not even sure how to set it up for defusing into air, water was pretty easy just getting a diffusion disk. But air brings up a whole lot of ‘how-to’ questions for me. Plus I didn’t even think of it effecting venting filtration.

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The easy answer here is to add some environmental controls that throttle the fans while CO2 is active, keeping all levels in check for you. This can get pricey quickly. Adding CO2 is already a significant investment in your grow! Beware: once you add CO2, though, it is hard to ever go back to growing without it! Plants LOVE CO2!

Have you ever considered running the carbon filter and fan outside the tent? You can add a fan speed controller and turn the fan down. You are still going to want an intake fan to bring cool air into the tent.

If your room is well sealed, another option is to run the carbon filter inline and bring cool scrubbed air into the tent from outside (positive pressure) with a vent for exhaust. The constant circulation should keep the smell at bay and CO2 in check.

You some thermal variance when adding CO2 so your environment can get a little bit warmer and your plants will be quite happy.

Hope this helps.


For sure tks. (I’m running 9 x 1000w hps) in a 15ft x 21 ft room.the best option I think is throttle the fan so I don’t get smell outside.i have tried to scrub the air in the room but it’s not enough. But with controllers that should work

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I used to have a great blue rhino generator it was awesome ,had a heat recovery system on top that worked great to remove the heat and heat my house lol. Loved it


What kind of ozone generator do you have and was it worth the cost? I thought about going that route but info is all over the place on it.

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UV ionair I think and it’s corona great

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