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Humboldt Seed Company's Jelly Rancher, Magic Melon, and Apple Blossom LED-T5/Hydro grow

Things are going great with these 3 plants. Love the growth structure of the Jelly Rancher!
I’ll veg these plants for 1 more week then flip my lights and flower these fine ladies!!

                 May 25th

                May 27th

               May 31st

I’m running Connoisseur Grow 3ml/L, Sensi Cal-mag 1ml/L, B52 1ml/L, Voodoo Juice 1ml/L, Piranha 1ml/L, Tarantula 1ml/L, Bud Candy 1ml/L, Bud Ignitor 2ml/L, Sensizym 2ml/L, Rhino Skin 1ml/L.

Daytime Temps 76-78f, nighttime 66-68f, Rh 50-55%, H20 temps 66-68f, Ph 5.7-6.2, Ec 2.5.

My Magic Melon plant was transferred to a bucket about 10 days after the other 2 plants.

Now that Magic Melon has her roots in the h20, she’ll catch up on growth, and just take off the next couple days.

I’m going to add Apple Blossom to this grow journal next week. They’re going to be regular seeds so I’m hoping to collect lots of pollen from that strain. It also tests 26-30% thc like Jelly Rancher.
I’ll just grow Jelly Rancher and Apple Blossom the rest of the year perpetually.



Looking good brother.
Nice color on those plants


How they doin?? My jelly ranchers are coming along :+1:t4:


The Jelly Rancher plants are doing amazing @maz. They’re in my flower tent now and I’m flipping my lights to 12/12 tomorrow. They’re getting nice and big.
I’ll update with pics soon.


Team Jelly :grapes::strawberry::laughing:


Looking good @Maz! Those plants look nice and healthy my friend! :+1::+1:
I’m excited to see how fast the buds stack up…


I got my ladies in my flower tent and dropped my screen on them yesterday. All my plants are growing vigorously and healthy. The rate of growth has been right on track for my dwc setup. The Jelly Rancher has this amazing smell already when I defoliatie and smell my stems. My cats absolutely love the leaves!

I’m running the same lineup as last week, so just using the Connoisseur Grow still. I do this sometimes to play with my formulas and record any difference.

Daytime Temps 76-78f, nighttime 69-71f, Rh 50-55%, H20 temps 66-68f, ph 5.7-6.1, Ec 2.6.

             Jelly Rancher 

            Magic Melon 

              Day 1 Flower 

My newest addition to this year’s grow. Another high thc, fast finisher from HSC. They say 45 days like Jelly Rancher.
I dropped 8 seeds in h20 and put them on my vivosun heatmat. I plan on running 4 female plants in my 4×4 tent when the Varins G finishes. I’m also looking for a couple healthy males.


Just an update with pics.

               June 13, Scrogged

                June 18

                June 22

              June 25


Clones are looking great! 1s a little slower than the rest, but it’s rooting. I’m going to grow all the clones from J.R. 2. It has the most fragrance coming from it and I like that plants structure best. I took 6/8 clones from that plant.
The terpene profile coming from this plant is nothing short of amazing! I’ve been smoking cannabis for 33 years now and I’ve never come across anything like it. It really smells like blue cotton candy, I kid you not!
I went to a street fair last night and got some cotton candy. Your going to love this strain @maz.


Here’s my two ranchers. Gonna repot them tonight. :+1:t4:



Looking good my man! :+1::+1:

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                 Day 30

I have 6 clones from my J.R. 2 plant. I picked it at the time because I liked it’s structure and growth pattern. But it’s also my winning phenotype. The best way to describe it’s terpene profile is to picture a cherry and grape jolly rancher combined together. Absolutely amazing and very unique.
I’ll flower 4 in my 4×4 tent, and 2 in the 2×4. But all 8 clones will be vegged in the 4×4.

It took me a couple days to get my system cleaned and disinfected with H202. I made a few adjustments and dropped all my plants in. I’ll top feed manually for a couple days till my roots drop into my nutrient solution.


Looking good as always.
Always so clean and organized

        My 1 Apple Blossom plant

      Jelly Rancher Day 45 Flower 

Wow, is all I can say! What an amazing Terpene profile. Picture a grape and cherry Jolly Rancher mixed together and you have this strains smell down. Only J.R. 2 has this amazing smell. J.R. 1 has a mellow grape scent. Both plants are super frosty!

Humboldt Seed Company was right on the money with this 45 day strain. 45 days from the day I flipped my lights to 12/12.
I harvested right at that day with 90% cloudy and 10% clear trichomes. I wasn’t risking losing any of the sweet potent smell these flowers are giving off. From my experience as soon as a your trichomes start going amber, you start losing it’s potent sweetness. It fades to your musky scents at that point.

        Jelly Rancher Clones 

I started LST on my middle 4 J.R. 2 clones. The other 2 I’ll start training tomorrow. I’m going to toss the J.R. 1 clones and just run my favorite phenotype. So far…
I’ll drop a 4’×4’ screen down next week and start scrogging 6 plants.

          Apple Blossom 1

I’m going to Veg this plant a good 4+ weeks and fill up my 2’×4’ with just this 1 plant. I’ll scrogg just this 1 plant where I usually do 3. I’m curious if I can keep the same yeild I usually get?

Oh, these are Reg seeds and I’m yet to presex this plant. From my experience and everything I feel inside me, I say it’s a sexy lady…

I’m still running lights on 24hrs. I will drop my on time by 2 hours every other day, then I’ll be able to presex by the time my lights are on 18/6 schedule for a few day’s.
From my experience with all my Reg seeds.
Thats why I like 24/7 lights on for the entire seedling stage, and early Veg.


The next batch of Jelly Rancher plants. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

I’m looking to see if there’s an even better phenotype than my J.R 2 that I’m running right now.



The Jelly Rancher 2 clones. I’ll drop my screen down tomorrow on all these ladies. They have fully revegged at this point.
I’ll also be adding some 4’ T5 HO to the tent running 6500k bulbs for now. Then switching them to 3000k bulbs when I flip these to flower next week.

Apple Blossom plant

The next round of Jelly Rancher plants.