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Humidity Controle Tech

I have herd many ways of people eliminating humidity for growing purposes.

What is some of the best tech you have used?

Dehumidifiers are becoming more accessible in CA with many brands to choose from.

Is a dehumidifier the way to go, Or is there another way?

We would like to hear your thoughts.


Dehumidifier is definitely the way to go if you want quality product in my opinion, it’s vital in disease control, I don’t know which scale you’re talking about but the two I know are:

Best of luck.


I agree, dehus serve their purpose to remove the moisture from the microenvironment very efficiently. I highly recommend that you go this route to achieve optimum conditions for your plants. I also recommend that you frequently clean your dehu to avoid potential problems with molds, bacteria, mildew etc.


I use Quest 225 (230V) for drying, and some dehumidifying for veg starts. 2 of them in a 30x96x16 semi-gable keeps it very dry. I had 0 clones succumb to any mold this year. Also, I pack the the greenhouses with wet plants (15,000lbs wet) and they are dry enough for primary processing in about 2 weeks during October, even when it is cold/wet/humid in mid October.