Hypoaspis mites

I’ve just discovered some tiny white fast moving mite like bugs in my Giaia Greens living soil. Looked at them with a 40x loop and then spent an hour researching different types of mites and they look alot like hypoaspis miles. I know alot of people are adding HM as a beneficial predatory mite, what are the odds they came in my bag of soil? Hoping they are good mites and not something else. They only other bug issue I’ve ever had was fungus gnats and aparently they feed on fungas gnat larve. Attached is the closest photo I could find resembling what I have. Any advice would be much appreciated.


If they are Hypoaspis, they will be very fast moving, compared to ‘veg’ bugs.
I used them in my last grow to decimate gnats, they worked fantastic. Great karma to you, if they came in your soil…
I paid for mine :laughing:


LOL well I hope that is what they are. Checked again today and I definitely have a healthy population of them. No sign of them on any of the plants themselves, only the soil. and not a fungus gnat in sight, all sticky traps are clear of any bugs.