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Ideas for New Products?

Hello @EquipManufacturers, @EquipSuppliers and @DispensaryOwners !

If any of you have an idea for a product, device, equipment, or tool for the cannabis industry or tangential industry; please share it here and I’ll help provide you with vision for the idea. I’d love to hear what problems exist that need to be solved with innovation!

We have deep experience developing awesome products for the likes of Panasonic, Cisco, Dell, Philips Consumer Electronics, Greenworks Tools, Stanley Black & Decker, Rubbermaid, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Hitachi, and dozens more. I’m always happy to supply portfolio examples that might provide inspiration to your product problems. Attached is a PDF summary of work we’ve done as 4SIGHT for consumer products outside of the cannabis industry. In the cannabis industry, we are Upshot Products.

Please upload pictures of problems you’d like solved or products that don’t work well, or your ideas for new solutions!

Have a great day everyone!

Steve Zwonitzer

Upshot Products
[email protected]
404 374-1630


Ok, I guess I better kick things off. This is a product idea in progress…


Need Innovative Packaging? Tell us your needs and we’ll deliver!!


Hi Steve! Is this just a jar concept, or is this a child resistant package?
One segment in this industry that needs innovation is the topical side, and their CRP needs – it’s really been forgotten.


Hi @Changemaker-Lilli! Thanks for your interest! I’m Steve’s business partner… hope you don’t mind me chiming in here?

This product is a bud jar concept… one of many package ideas in process. We have worked on topical products in the past and would love to hear your thoughts on this! Would you need highly controlled dispensing as well as CR?


I like your design slick.

Would love ideas on boutique marketing. And product deliver. What do I need to sell to the top 10% of consumer. I don’t want to control the supply chain just my brand.

Think mature connoisseur. He want to buy, not be sold. I want the absolute vodka of the cannabis industry. It’s still vodka but cost 10 times more that the bottom shelf.

It is a marketing problem?

From the voices in my head

Very cool products.


Nice stuff. I will be watching. Thinking mostly, but watching non the less. Ohh and welcome. We like shiney things.


Hi @Changemaker-Lilli!

Thanks for your interest.

Yes, CRP is becoming critical. Do you have some specific packaging you’d like us to look at? Maybe you could post a pic of an example for all of us to discuss?


Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, we’re product nerds that love shiny things!


Right on. Feel free to share Whatever, When ever.


Well, as an example, there isn’t anything for pump bottle cosmetics that’s CRP – for face cream, lube, that sort of thing. And more CRP boxes are needed where the size can be customized, too many of them are only tested and certified for specific sizing.


I did not know that. I would love to know those mill specs.

From the voices in my head


Hi @Changemaker-Lilli… do you have a specific client need for this? I may have some ideas that could work for CRP pump bottles. Could be dependent on the product and use profile though. Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat further!


Please post some examples of the type of packaging you’re referring to relating to the high end branded packaging.


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Hi Ethan,

Yes, marketing problem imo.

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