I'm looking for help with my book and would be grateful for candidates stories!

Hi there! I would love to hear from you please help me with my book that I’m writing which is based on true life Andy I m looking for help from people who have been smoking for most of their life and moved to other remedies for their own enjoyment. This is going to be amazing and I’m really excited to meet new friends with something in common:) thank you and god bless xxx


Welcome to the Growers Network. What are you trying to achieve?

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Hi there @athprodite

Welcome to GN. Interesting topic, and not the usual. I am sure you will find loads of interesting stories and people here. How can we help you? When you say “smoking entire life and moved to other remedies”, you talking about salvia divonirium, DMT etc, or quit smoking and trying things like edibles etc?

Publish a book. :joy: