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In-House Cannabis Testing Device

Hey fellow growers!

I am reaching out to growers across the US to see if any of you would be interested in a portable in-house testing machine for cannabis and hemp.

There is a common thread across cannabis and hemp in both the US and Canada: testing. Testing is at the root of the industry as guidelines lay out strict rules for potency and safety to protect the consumer. The problem is that the testing industry is highly fragmented with varying protocols delivering inconsistent results, an issue that can frustrate the complete supply chain from cultivator to consumer, as well as those providing oversight along the way.

With this device we are aiming to provide cannabis cultivators with a fast, accurate and cost-effective alternative to traditional laboratory testing. The CompleTest™ utilizes fluorescence spectroscopy technology to provide cultivators with a portable, accurate, and efficient way to measure the THC and CBD in their product (with pesticide and heavy metal testing not far behind).

The device is a portable and cost effective method for cannabis and hemp testing that can shave result times down to hours rather than days or weeks. Furthermore, the technology is user friendly and doesn’t require highly trained scientists to perform the tests and analyze the results.

Below is some info regarding the testing unit…

Here is a demo video of how the testing system works…

CBD/THC test:

I am happy to set up a live/ in-person demo of the device if any of you are interested. I will be in the Denver and Phoenix area most of next week.