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In what containers are you growing?

In what containers do you grow? What is your preference and why? Are you in fabric, plastic, toughs, buckets, or…something else? What process did you go through to land on your ideal container? Why would you recommend your container to other growers?


personally I have an assortment of 5gl buckets with holes drilled and lined with mesh, different sized smartpots biased toward the 15gl, and now I want to do a single large-bed Smartpot like 4’x8’. I like soil and the more I see and read about the large beds I want to try it that way.
Commercially we used 4’x8’ Hydrofarm tables with rockwool squares.


I use 11-liter square vases which I think is sufficient for the life cycle, I have 2 growrooms of 240x120x200 cm, I am a beginner and I grow cannabis for medical use, I wanted to make the most of my cultivation and I wanted some advice. I have 2 hps 600watt for flowering and vegetative growth use 1 hps 400 watts + 2 CFL Agro 300 Watts


We use cloth (geo) pots for all our grows. I find that the air-pruning feature makes for some very happy rootballs.