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Indoor | First time grower issues

Hello, first time grower here! I wanted to ask you for some guidance.

I build a cabinet grow:

It has:

  • Circulating fan
  • Dehumidifier (keeps it between 60 - 75%)
  • Temperature around 30ºc (86ºf)
  • Humidity and Temp sensor
  • Raspberry Pi to keep light cycle (18/6h) and dehumidifier

For lights I am using

All the lights combined draw around 0w (I have a meter)

Top of plant stays around 30cm (12in) from lamps.


  • 1 part of vermiculite
  • 2 parts of perlite
  • 3 parts of soil

The plant now has ~16cm (6in), it took around 60 days to reach this size, I believe it was lack of light, on the first 50 days I only had 2x of the small led lamps, then I decided to add all the rest (not sure if the leds strips help, by anyway).

I water it in a 5 days interval, with only water. At day 45 I started to add fertilizar

  • Day 45 watered with BioBuzz BioGrow
    • I noticed small discoloration around the tip of one leaf, and tip pointing down
  • Day 50 plain water
  • Day 55 fertilizer
    • No sign of discoloration
  • Day 60 I only water

What could be happening?

Also, I have noticed this “thing” (sorry I forgot the name) growing, does it means it is a female?

Thank you very much in advance!


Overall looks like you are doing a great job for a first time grow. I see some things you can improve on the first of which is your lights, it should be WAY bigger than 6" in 60 days. It should be unless you trim the tops 4 feet tall in 60 days. On the white necrosis on the leaf tips, I suspect it is a overly wet reaction even though you are only watering every 5 days, the smaller the plant the less they need on moisture, specially when they aren’t growing at normal speed. The second thing from your text is it is too hot in there, get the temp down to around 75 degrees. And lastly yes those are female pistols (the white hairs).

Welcome to the forum!
Learn and enjoy. Lots of really good growers on here.


Thank you for you answer, this is really helping me.

I had only 2 of the small lights at first, I added the others just a few days back, and the plant really started growing faster, lets see now how it behaves.

I am adding an exhaust fan to try to keep it cooler. It is hard anyways, since here is 27c (80f), and we are just on spring time!

It makes perfectly sense what you sait about the white necrosis, because it showed up the next day after I watered it. I will sparse a little bit more the watering and see how it behaves.

Also, the “normal” way to water it, is to always add fertilizer to the water?

Thank you for your help!


Once you are at that size, you can use the full strength as recommened by the brand of nutes you are running. BUT, I would start out at 1/2 strength on the nutes regardless of the nutrient recommendations, you can always go up in strength if they show deficencies, but if you go to strong you have to flush to get rid of them and it sets things back a week or so. Even though those lights are all showing that they are full spectrum, they are not. A full spectrum light will have a white color just like natural daylight. When you can afford to, I would get a name brand full spectrum light. When you are ready to up your lights ask on here and you will get tons of recommendations. I personally use the Spider Farmer brand which you can get direct from them or off Amazon. I also use (currently) the Durolux lights they are also on Amazon, I run the 4 ft . fixtures, I use two different models of them, starting out I use their model DLED848W. It has a lot of blue and makes them grow short and stocky with lots of branching. When I go to flower I use their model DLED848VG it has more red and is better for flowering. You may not have room for these they are about 18" width and 4 ft. long. I have two of each. My grow tent is 5 ft. x 5 ft. You didn’t say how big your cabinet is. They make good LED full spectrum grow lights in just about any size you need. Be careful as there are lots of lights out there that are not worth a damn.

As you can see from the picture they are a very white light. this is the first one listed.

I am just now starting a new grow, currently I just have two inch tall seedlings in that small grow box on the left, in a couple of weeks they will go into the big pots you see. ( 7 gal. )




Welcome to GN and what a lovely introduction to the amazing work you have done. Awesome advice from one of our top members @sssportsmfg . Thank you. Love this community.


Hello! Since then I figure out/fixed some of the things.

The plant now is 32cm (~12in).

The lack of light was really an issue, next one will have more light right from the beginning, and closer to it!

It kind of stopped growing and started flowering (without me changing the light cycle). I went back and discovered my seed is autoflower, so I should have that big light from the beginning since I have about 8 - 10w of vegetative grow, and can’t keep it much longer expecting it to keep growing.

Also I should have started to feed it way earlier, now it is showing some deficiency on the yellow flowers on the lower part. Will try to fix that by giving it some “flowering grade” feed next time.

I installed an exhaust fan and that helped me control humidity.

Quick question, is this the male part? Does it means my plant is hemafrodite and will pollinate itself?

Thank you very much!


No hero, nothing to fear


hey @alfaceroxa

Nope I only see female plant there. Do you see any signs of a hermie?

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I am still trying to understand female/male parts. That little bulb there got me concerned, because I saw many pictures of male parts, and depending on the picture it kind of resembles that.

Than I read a book this weekend telling that hot conditions can lead the plant to become hermaphrodite. And before I got that exhaust fan installed I had very high temperature readings (up to 34c/93f). Now it is around 28c/82f (ambient temperature, we are in summer here).

I will keep a close eye to see If I spot any unusual part. The plant is small, very few buds so that should not be too complicated to do.

Thank you very much for you help!


Pointy with hairs coming out the tip is just a swollen female calyx, normal to see on females mid/late flowering.

This is what you don’t want to see (pics from a zkittlez hermie), more of a round melon shape instead of a pointy calyx

which then opens up and looks like this (and spews pollen)


Useful to save


Hey there, another update. The plant is now on its last cycle I assume.

Topped at 33cm. Growed a bigger bud and some smaller popcorns.

Looking on the magnifier glass, I can see around 50% of amber trychomes on the leafs, but on the bud it is all white. I will give it one or more day and then harvest.

I also noted this, which I think could be Potassium deficiency. It increased a lot after I flushed it on Friday.

Will harvest it tomorrow and dry it. A small crop, but looks like it worked! =)

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That plant is not that close to being ready, ur getting way to excited and have way to many white hairs on the buds. They need to go orange then finally a lil darker almost red/amber and recede back, I’d say your about 3-4 weeks to harvest still

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Yeah definitelly 60% of pistils are white. I do see more amber thycome today (this is today’s picture).

Would you say it is best to re-feed it for another week? Or just keep plain water for, say 3 weeks?

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Hey there!

Awesome dedication man. I believe you are doing so well… happy you are open to advice. I say love it and it will grow. :v:t4:


What’s your grow method and what would you be feeding with, I’m a actively aerated compost tea organic grower and usually at this point we’re on a finishing tea

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I am growing on soil with organic fertilizers (BioBizz).

I have read that is good to flush the crop 1 week prior to harverst to reduce build-up of nutrients and improve flavour. But since this needs some time, I will need to re-feed it or it will collapse.

I think maybe half-dosage feeding may be a good option, kind of a middle-ground.

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I don’t see any balls lol…the female Caylyaxes on the main stem get big and fat and the pistols wither first, then they look “kinda” like male parts. The male flowers “open” up to release the pollen and then look nothing like the female parts.

Your doing fine, the autos will grow in any daylight length, but do best at about 20/4. That allows them to get as big as possible before they go into flower. You can’t stop them so just turn the light to 20 hours on and feed them.