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Infographic on salary ranges from HempStaff


Looks like master growers are still in high (sorry) demand!


I need to move! Come out of retirement! And figure out how to work again! Suggestions?

When I retired from computer IT work, my base salary was 160k plus bonuses and stock options. I was very very senior in a fortune 50 IT company. My disability pay is under 30k a year. But, another 60k a year is accruing, until I die and have autopsy or proof of this genetic defect, everyone suspects. We are getting closer.

I enjoyed Horticulture very much! I was very good at it. I enjoyed my IT career and was good at it. I just miss working and am tired of doctors and testing.

I not sure I have the stamina to do the work. :disappointed:

In my next life!


There are some recruiting and staffing firms here on the community:
@Vangst_Andrew @theshearsolutions @howardstewart @hemptemps @greenmountainharvest @THCTalentSolutions
and there’s also the job listing category that this topic is in.

There’s actually a fair amount of crossover from folks who worked in tech and are now in the cannabis industry, either doing IT directly or working on hardware or software solutions, so your background could be a nice fit in that area.

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I think it is wishful thinking. I have hard time moving, physically and I am losing though processing daily. I happy as an old fart who needs supervision. :grin:

I need to be happy with what I have. And accept that some things you can’t control.

I will help anyone with being successful at growing a good crop.

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Well we certainly do appreciate your contributions on here! It’s great that you can give back to society by sharing your wisdom and experience, even if full time work is off the table for you at the moment.

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