Injectors, my ideal unit

H E Anderson has always made the injectors of my dreams. When you can buy a Rolls-Royce, there can be a justification. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Look at this one and dream. Anderson prackage.




Or… you could spend thousands, if not 10’s of thousands, less and accomplish the same thing with a different product. While not as interesting to stand around and admire while sipping cocktails, the systems I have been building and using provide exactly the same thing to the plants, which at the end of the day, is what really matters.


I grew up using Anderson injectors they are built like tanks always accurate.
Yes there our other products. But, I would buy and Anderson for my home water before I would use any of the ag grade injectors.

Used Anderson injectors in all the University research houses. Still love them. :upside_down_face:

I have seen people waist money in lots of ways. The best thing with my money is I get to choose, how I spend it.

From the voices in my head


I have these injectors, they are pretty great! A few things I’ve noticed is that you need a min flow of 5 gpm otherwise they don’t inject. Also, I find myself having to purge my lines every time I feed and there’s 200 yards of 3’’ tube. On our next build we’re looking at something that will cycle, correct pH and ec and then purge before it goes out into the greenhouse.

We’ve been talking to these folks.


There are a lot of persision injector companies. Most are sold in water treatment and food processor.

We treated water when it came in the door because for hardness. And again in the in the greenhouses we injected feed and other stuff, the big line Anderson infectors. This also was the feed line for the fields. We had a 3" city water line. We designed for max size of 40,000 sqft. Both the field and greenhouse was 100% drip or hydroponics. Fields drip tape, greenhouses some cool engineered emitters.

Goal was just clean water first and everything second. University of Georgia how to pick an injector.

Had some smaller dosatrons and dosomatic for spot feeding some display gardens aka predictor bug factories.

I know some persision growers who use these and mixing tanks Pump injector they also do food prep. I don’t like these in a greenhouse.

For our water we had hard hard water phosphoric acid injection in the greenhouse and the fertilizers where adjusted for the Phosphorus.

Peter’s made a custom blend for use well three blends. The had a one pallet minumim on a custom blends.


We used a reduced reduction back flow preventer aka rrbpf on a three in feed line and a giant loop of clean water pump recycled the clean line. The pump was based on volume of the line. The mtf for the pump was enough we kept an extra on hand. Just past the injector I like a pressure mix tank then I don’t have perge problems. We auto switched between two feeds. Used king drains to remove water from all low pressure lines. Clean lines clean grows. Oh post line baby injector put in.5 ppm cl gas with a mixer and monitored.