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Interesting article on aeroponics for cannabis


The interesting thing about aeroponics is that it’s very efficient and powerful for growing. But it’s also one of the more finicky methods of growing, from my understanding:

  • Water needs to as pure as possible to prevent nozzles from clogging due to hard water buildup. This also means nutrient injection is somewhat finicky.
  • Any power outages are exceedingly dangerous (just like with NFT).
  • All the equipment needs tight tolerances to keep the system in order.

That said, there are some unique benefits to it:

  • Plants grown aeroponically don’t suffer transplant shock.
  • It’s a useful method for experimenting with subterranean herbivores (like fungus gnats)
  • Plants can be grown in zero gravity (space!) with this method.
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I’ve seen a cool aeroponics grow. The bud turned out great!

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Was it this company or a different grow operation?

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This was a small, personal grow.

I’d love to see it on a massive scale.


Maintenance might be a nightmare on a very large scale. But who knows! I don’t think it’s been tried.