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I’m Keith, I’ve been growing for several years, learned most of what I do by trial and error, nice to see a forum where we can be open and honest about growing! I have been making Canna-butter for years as we have some friends who have been suffering from Crohns disease and it has been helping with the pain and discomfort, it has been exciting to learn new ways to create edibles! Can not wait to get this all legal here in Georgia, I spent time in the Denver area and cut my teeth with seeds and supplies from many different places, its like christmas out there!


Hi Folks,
My name is Jason and I’ve been using cannabis for about 25 years. It started off as something to help me with anxiety and focus but these days it just seems to do so much more for me; it’s great for inflammation, migraines, fighting off those sad feeling, etc. (I’ve also had several people tell me that I’m just not very nice when I’ve been without for more than a week… I get very anxious).
I finally got around to getting into the Medical Cannabis Program in New Mexico more than 2 years ago and boy there has been a lot of new information for me to take in (at least new to me).
A few times in the past, I tried to run a small hydro grow in a closet, but compared to what I’m doing now, I really didn’t know what I was doing then… I still have a lot to learn and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned so far and learning about what everyone else has been doing (what worked, what didn’t).
I’m looking at getting some sort of club or support group started in Albuquerque for folks focused on Personal Production (or interested in it)… I’ve been chatting with the owner of HydroLyfe, so if you’re in the area and interested drop him a line to let him know your interested :slight_smile:
I’ll share an outline on some of the topics I wanted to go over in the group (half-finished and I’m procrastinating)… I know it’ll help me, but maybe it’ll get some conversation rollin’ as well :grinning:


Howdy folks. I was raised on a cotton farm in the south mid-west. Never dreamed the benefits of raising cotton to cannabis. I grow organic and outdoors this is my third year and really hopeful. My enchanted garden is located in the high desert and comes with it’s unique challenges. I’m a medical patient and committed to growing my own medicine and helping seniors quality of life.Looking forward to sharing this journey with you kind folks.


Hey All! I’m Rhonda and currently reside in Georgia. Just returned back here from being in Las Vegas from June - Nov. 2018 and worked with MedMen. Now working with Sensi Magazine trying to bring them to print in Atlanta.
I also am now the newly appointed Communications Director with West GA Women’s Alliance NORML.
Would love to connect with others! Especially Women and POC!


Hi All!

I’m Joe, I’m currently in Michigan. This is my first year growing, I started last fall with a single plant grow, and needless to say results weren’t all that spectacular. I did however get it to harvest which was awesome. Since then I pretty much fell in love with the hobby and am about to harvest my second crop later this week, which is an indoor DWC.
Im about 3 weeks into my 3rd grow, which I plan to do outdoors in a green house I recently built. Just need this Michigan weather to stabalize and get above 40 degrees lol.
I love this hobby and could easily see myself making a career out of it now that legalization is becoming so prevalent. I do not however have any professional experience in growing, but damn I’m great at building teams and sales. I’d love to be able to get into a dispensary manager roll, where i have a ton of experience, and learn the growing techniques on the back end.


@Growernick hi bro i have a question about the topics in the forum, why i can´t participate in all the topics, some don´t let me reply for ask or answer, that topics are only for reading the discussions?? thanks for answer me


Hey there, @hvanegas89 ! Some of the topics on the forum are for our professional, private forum and you are in our public Grow From Home community. While you may be able to read some of the discussions happening there, we have limited interactions to members of the professional community. Does this make sense? Does it help answer your question?

If you would like to join the private and vetted forum, you would need to apply as an owner of a grow operation, with all the relevant information about your operation. This would help us vet your license and allow us to approve you to join. We’d love to see you on the professional side of the community!


ok ok now i understand, yeah that is the next step with the community, thanks


Hey everyone!

My name is Cole and I’m from Oklahoma. Been growing for around 10 years in both Hydro and Soil. I’ve used multiple different techniques and systems during my path to find what I wanted. I’ve also spent a lot of time in the aerospace and IT industries, gaining knowledge of automation and management.

I’m here to network and potentially secure a position with a local cultivator.


Hey Everyone! The name’s Brian and I’m really new to all this. I’ve always had a great interest in Cannabis but never had the opportunity to turn it into anything other than recreational use. I moved out of California right as medical was getting off the ground and relocated to Ohio. After 17 years here watching the boom from a distance I’m moving back to So Cal for family reasons. I’m leaving a 15 year carrier with the USPS as a carrier and since I can not take my career with me I’m really looking to get into the Cannabis industry. Really any aspect of the business I’m eager to learn, but my real interest lies in the growing and cultivation of the plant itself as well as the processing of it to it’s finished product. I’m just now digging into the Growers Network and I’m sure I’m going to run into some cool people. Cheers!


Hey what’s up my name is Scott Aka medicated Farmer. I was introduced to cannabis at an early age for medical purposes and since has made it a mission to be self sufficient, self sustaining. I’m very eager to meet every1 evolved with Cannabis and the industry, I believe you can never learn enough.


Hi everyone,

My name is Paulo and I live in Portugal.
I have a Degree in Agricultural Engineering and I have worked in the wine industry, and more recently with herbs and medicinal plants.
Due to recent law changes in Portugal, allowing medicinal cannabis, as well as a sunny and warm weather throughout most of the year, I am very keen in becoming a cannabis grower myself.
I am sure I will learn a lot with everyone here, and I am looking forward to get to know everyone and their experience with cannabis!



Hi, my name is Manrique and I am a Costa Rican biologist living in Brazil. I love plants and will like to know about job opportunities and volunteer programs in Cannabis farms. I am also interested in studying the interaction of Cannabis plants with herbivores and will like to develop a project within this area.


Hi Joe, I’m west of Grand Rapids and have the same interest as you. I’m interested in the Micro-Business license. Are you near the West side of Michigan?


Hi Adam!

I’m not, I’m 45 minutes northwest of Detroit. Still closer than some though!

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Hello! My name is Adam, I am in West Michigan and am interested in entering Michigan’s Cannabis and Hemp industry. This is a career change for me, and I am looking into everything from store management positions to ownership. I welcome all professional opportunities.


Hi Everybody,

While I’ve tried hobby growing a couple times in the past, I have been growing indoor and outdoor (April -Oct) continually since 2015. I grow in DWC in 5 gal buckets for indoor and multi 3 gal buckets filled with Pro-mix in a SCROG configuration for outside.

I have two separated indoor growing areas ( a 3 x 5 x 7 tent and a 3 x 5 shower stall, both SCROG) that are usually at different stages of plant cycle. I started with a 3 bulb 105 watt CFL fixture which was fine for 2 grows. Then I switched to 3-300 watt LED and eventually a 2000W LED lamp. I was never disappointed with the results from the LED lamps but they would start to fail after a just a few months so I decided to try 600w HID lamps (HPS for bloom and MH for Veg) and still use them at the present time.

While I have and continue to try and grow different strains, Indica dominant plants tend to be my favorite as they are high yielding, easily managed, finish in 60 days or less after flowering.

I’ve probably made every mistake possible in the last few years but I’ve had a lot of fun and harvested a lot of bud. I’m here to learn and possibly help newcomers to growing about possible issues and pitfalls that I’ve personally encountered.

I look forward to increasing my knowledge as well as yield by listening and learning from all of you



I have been in the industry for about 3 years. Been around Cannabis for over 30 years. Cured myself of epilepsy in 1994 living in Humboldt with Cannabis.

Was in wine importing and distribution for about 22 years before coming to the industry. So I understand marketing and branding and how important it is.

I have taken my company from 750k in sales to 3.2 million in a little over a year.

I am currently looking for new opportunities. Please reach out and let’s chat.
Best, Tod B


Hi everyone, my name is Tim. Great to be a part of the community.

I been growing regularly for about 3 years now but have grown on and off for 15 but just haven’t been real successful till the past 3.

Anything else, just ask :blush:


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