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Introducing BudBusterPro

I will be running mine again for the grow.


New video ravenchief’s current grow…


Finally got a run that hasn’t had any issues of any sorts and has had all their scheduled treatments.

Kong Breath - RocBudInc 34 days

Double Bubblegum - Blue Crew Genetics 33 days

Response has been clear after every treatment. Branch growth is RIDICULOUSLY uniform and vigorous. Color is gorgeous. I’d take all the credit, but someone would call bullshit. :laughing:


Mud, glad you’re enjoying the experience !

That reaction is what keeps me going…

BTW, I learned long ago it’s just damn near impossible to bullshit a bullshitter, so I ain’t gonna call any names !


If I’m going to grow 12-15 plants outside next spring/summer, how much BBP should I purchase? Thank you in advance.


sdoyle, I think the 4 ozer would get you through pretty easily…


Thank you @rflasch.


@sdoyle 4 ounces will be plenty for that many plants. This summer I used a total of 6 ounces on 36 plants 16 of which were over 8 ft tall so y the hey used a lot in the later applications. You will be very happy you got it. :sunglasses::vulcan_salute:


Thank you @ravenchief!


These four blueberry plants have been being used in a test of Bob’s @rflasch bud buster pro. One of them was kept as a control. It was the largest plant at the start of the test. This is a ‘couple of weekly sprays’ into it, if I recall correctly and the control plant is already shorter than the rest. Water and nutrients were measured to insure all received exactly the same amounts.

Today, they are thirty-three days into flowering. The control plant and one of the treated plants had some mechanical training, the others just lst.


Interesting. In your group photo of the blueberries, I’m guessing the untreated plant is on the far right.

The one on the left is a monster! Just curious, wow are we looking at a little pheno difference there or do you think there was something else in play? Thanks Bob


Non BBP is third. The second and third have the RapidLed centered over the top of them. The first one is bigger than all, but, Photo is with OLD iPhone and part of look might be angle.

All clones from same plant.

Density of buds is greater with BBP.


Thank you ! Interesting indeed ! Will be interesting to see what they look like at harvest…

Thanks again Bob !


There are four tents set in a row with just enough room to run a stool in between them to work. One cannot stand behind a camera, it is a ‘reach and pray’ method of photography. I checked and the angle of the photo distorts a lot. The ‘control’ plant is two inches shorter than the closet height comparison/growth method comparison (the second plant). The amount of bud sites as well as size is greater with BBP.

I do not have the depth of experience of @ravenchief, but, I do have fairly good observational skills and I think the BBP is really beneficial. In doing the tests with @preybird1 Runtz x Slapz an cloning them three times (twice from sprayed plants), I can see a profound difference in lessening of intermodal distance.


Very interesting. I have 12 plant finishing then im doing the bbp and the ventana nutes.


@rflasch interesting, I am seeing the same growth pattern in his as mine are doing, the leaves are somewhat twisted and pointing up. I noticed this on my BBP treated plants as well. They seem to get so many bud sites that the leaves have no place to grow lol…I just major thinned my 6 small plants out, had a packed down 5 gal bucket of leaves. I should have taken a picture of before and after, but because of not being able to get on the forum I didn’t think I would be able to continue my grow log. Oh well, my bad lol. I’m thinking I am going to have some long dense buds come flower time, because of screwing up the light cycle at the beginning…they started into full blown flower, and don’t want to seem to go back…they have buds on them everywhere, I am thinking the combination of the BBP and the early bloom cycle lighting that the plants are strill trying to bloom at 20/4 lighting and the BBP is enabling more bud sites, so they are growing slowly, but very complex branching. I told you we would have a brand new test senario lol.



LOL, Marty…you never cease to amaze !!!

Truly, I think those plants will be ugly with bud… !


Looking really nice @wow_arizona
Aside from vigorous health and overall growth of the plants, what I noticed the most, using BBP, was the incredible lateral branching -


I cut a lot of clones for Bbp test. and i will be doing a normal plant clone in veg state of growth and a monster crop clone in the flower stage then re-vegging it back to normal. Im really interested to see what happens when you use bbp on a monster crop. I mean monster crop is already rediculous. Lets see what happens if we turbo charge the monster? Just waiting the cuts to root once rooted and in the media we will start the testing.

Here is a poor glazed gelato apricot cut. Its was severely damaged in shipping. Busted off all the roots in the container. It has a nice callus nub base though and i knew i could save it so i tossed it into the aero cloner for a week and then stuck it in my normal 30% Rh and it dried out too fast. But it’s revegging nicely. I do this all the time :man_facepalming: i have such strict time schedules and room to grow that i do not have time to harden the plants to the lower humidity the environment has. So i just cut a lot of clones root a lot of clones and hope for the best if they die oh well i have more.


I plan on starting the Ventana regime, too! Haven’t decided whether to do it on some of your Runtz x Slapz clones or clones of some blueberry I really like.

Hmm maybe do the math, if I wouldnt have to buy a lot to keep the test going, do one of each…