Introducing BudBusterPro

Using BBP on Runtz/Galactic God. In an outdoor grow.

I think I’m going to need plenty of supports for these…

I too must say kudos to @TheMadFlascher for sticking with me throughout the process. Great customer service!:green_heart::v:


My pleasure bobette, and we’ll get a earlier start on your next grow!

Looking forward to it!


So the 10 oz of liquid that you feed, do you add that into the nutrients your using or just water with that 10oz for the day? Plants looks great!!!


Hi @boozer I’ll chime in cause I use BudBusterPro in my current grow both indoors and out -

BBP is a foliar spray application - it comes in concentrate and you dilute it with RO/Rainwater at different rates depending on the density of leaf growth -
So when @Jimhigh66 said he gave 2 applications of 4mls to 8oz of water that is the rate of dilution 4mls of BBP to 8 oz of RO water in a spray bottle -
If you are using it on a young plant with little growth then more like 2 mls per 8 oz of water -
Its fantastic stuff -


Thanks raven…I’ve PM’d boozer to give him some product information!


bow4buckSeed Swappers


Pretty clear on that, easy pezzy :grin: ran out of soil so couldn’t finish the potting all in one day. Have them sitting under 150 year old maple shaded until about 2pm first application will get on them by 8:30am today.

So wanted to share some pics with ya but you have to know some back story.

Had 4 zkittlez I was running inside coming out of winter. One was such a runt the other 3 were crowding out the light and she certainly was a different pheno from the other 3. Just never looked good and no vigor at all. Pulled it from inside and put out with no intentions and messing with this plant. If it lives it lives…so normally I grow heavy on the indicas, this year decided to go mostly sativa hence all the sativa, with no other indica for comparison I didnt include this one in the experiment.
All I did was mist my sativas and what was left over I put on this runt just to see if it could improve.

Now as I mentioned this plant has received none of my time until yesterday. Noticed it was dark in there. Canopy was super dense but the whole thing just looked packed top to bottom side to side. Figured I better get it thinned a little. So, picture if you will in a time, in my best Rod Sterling voice…seriously though, imagine its Halloween and all the witches are out on their broom sticks. My colas on this plant are not colas but built now more like a broom just upside down if you will. Keep in mind these pics are after I thinned the plant a great deal. No main colas just a garbled, thick, twisted main with buds everywhere forming on this plant.

She is still only 3.6ft tall but I’m guessing at this point will pull as much as a couple of the 6 footers. Node spacing on this thing is ridiculous. At this point im just rambling and sure you clearly know what your product can do. Color me impressed. Never seen that kind of growth on a plant before EVER!




Well enough of this shit. My order is on the way!!!



you will not be sorry apeo


Yeah deciding which bud your gonna smoke first Is the hardest decision. Lol


I would do this one first



That one it shall be! Lol


@TheMadFlascher this has me very interested. This must be some sort or branching or hormone and ot auxin mixture you’ve come up with and its intriguing. Ill ready soon. Waiting on some nice clones.


It’s friggin crazy town. You look at one reg non treated plant and then over to a treated plant and you get this grin like the Grinch ear to ear…



God damn it it didnt upload my comment long as typed one too! Not retyping it.



Actually as my label states, there are no PGR’s (auxin, cytokinen,gibs, or other hormones). You have seen the picture of the nut!
I have trade secrets to protect so I won’t say a whole lot more about the formulation!
My hope is that growers will take advantage of a powerful tool without trying to kill the goose!
You can be assured that CDFA has pulled a sample (as I was aware).
Actually what I found was, there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat!


I just found this thread and am highly intrigued. Ill be following for sure!


Well obviosly its secret and im not out to figure it out either. Just too interesting to not ponder what the F’ you made you made you mad scientist! Im getting redy to do some more work. But i discovered mites so im tearing shit down right now and mitigating the problem now.


@PreyBird1 - This product is the best single product I have purchased (and I have purchased alot) - I am just coming into flower on my outside photo girls that have had the full 6 applications but the colors and fragrance on my indoor girls that only got 4 applications are so much better than my earlier grows I have no doubts about its efficacy.
It is definitely worth a try to see for yourself -


Im not losing any plants. Other than this one and i have more clones of it so i can burn it. But i kinda want to test loast coast plant therapy on one side and dakine420 flat line on the other side.