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Introduction link to the forum?

Good morning, I’ve referred a few people to the forum. Is there a formal way/link/program to refer new members?


That’s so awesome, @cannabisbuyer! Thanks for bringing your friends and colleagues to our community! To help answer your question, we have everyone fill out the same form when they come on board so we can properly vet, group and badge. so it’s always the same. Perhaps I can lend a hand a and provide you a link you can copy/paste and share:


Does this help?

Thanks again!

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Good morning @Growernick. My pleasure. I’ll keep the link handy. We are in the process of doing a rebuild of our site and are additionally going to launch I’d like to perhaps do a listing or page for referrals on both sites. The resources/community is very helpful to the industry. It’s important to support the good people.
Have a good day.