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Is GW Pharma lobbying in your state?


After hearing that GW pharmaceutical was lobbying in a few states I was curious to see if they had a presence in Maine. They do! I was surprised . I think their intention is to secure a monopoly on the CBD market. Epidiolex is a medication that will likely obtain FDA approval in mid July; it will be the first legal plant based cannabis medication on the market with FDA approval. Look up lobbying companies in your state and see if GW Pharmaceuticals or their subsidiary Greenwich Biosciences is lobbying in your state.


Good find! They have been making significant progress.


I’m curious what will happen in regards to US Patent 6630507. I expect some really strange legal predicaments between the US Government and GW Pharma (or other pharmaceutical companies).


I think that patent was granted in 2003; patents are good for 20 years, 5 years left roughly. So it will be interesting to see what happens once it expires.