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It's my first serious grow and I need to know what's wrong w one of my plants please help


Welcome … tell us more about your grow …
What light
What are you feeding
What you are growing in

But from what I can see I wouldn’t say anything is wrong … maybe get rid of the foil


Welcome to the GN Family @beazerthegreat
Hope you learn as much as we do here.
What @docee said and asked…
You can’t just post as picture and expect us to smell what you are cooking…

Happy Growingđź––


Damn your name makes me look twice like what did I say lol


Hi bud. It looks like your baby is stretching a little bit too long to the light source.
Why is your pot only half full of soil and with foil around the sides? Get rid of the foil and re - pot your girl in a pot full of soil and bring the light down alot closer. I use a pro star cfl 5500 lumens drawing 125 watts of power for germination and then for about 3 weeks after. You do not need a strong light to start but make sure it is close enough, but not close enough to cause heat discomfort to the baby plant. Place your finger on the tip of the top leaf and if you can keep your finger in place with no discomfort to your finger then your plant will be ok. Hope this helps and keep us updated my friend.


I have the same problem sometimes :joy::joy::joy:
Happy Growingđź––

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