Its never too early for mold

One thing I can say about growing there is always a new problem that rises its ugly head. So today I notice a branch on one of my large plants wilting like it was thirsty or as I thought the branch may be broken. Wrong I stuck my head down under my branches found gray mold growing around the main stock around 2 inches wide and around the whole stalk and in the middle was the node for that wilting branch.
This could kill the plant. Solution I hope, cleaned off mold with NPK PM Wash . Then took Cal-Carb mixed it with water to make a paste consistency, then i covered the affected area. This should help kill the mold. last but not least Mixed up a 5 gal bucket with water and silica then added b vitamins watered thoroughly . Its about all I can do at this point . I left the wilting branch on as an indicator if the branch pulls out of it the entire plant should live. will give update later .


Good catch! Let us know how she does. I hope you caught it in time!

Were there other plants near her?


I saved the plant its doing very good not as good as her younger sisters.

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That is great! Iā€™m glad to hear she is still growing for you :wink: Thank you for the update!