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Just germinated my seeds 100%

wasup try a stay focused just germinated my seeds nice flavors hope for the best grow😉


@jyoung congrats! You should start one thread and journal your grow, just a thought to combine your threads



yeah put the seeds in water until they sunk so it was 18hrs then put in paper towel with damp water so I think it’s going to go great that’s a start right there lol😀 this is all new for me when they said it will sink the science is amazing this has to go right for me


Once your seeds have broke soil. Only give pH water for around thirty days. The baby plant doesn’t need any nuets. Also don’t over water. Stick your finger in the media to the first knuckle. Dry =dry. Wet =wet. Just let nature take its course.


Most of what’s happening the first thirty days is happening in the root zone. Its vital to not injure or stress the seedlings. Just water and light. With a little fresh air. It also speeds things up if you can keep your root zone temps around 72°


@jyoung it has begun :+1::+1:… Take pics so we can see what’s going on… Do you have your grow medium yet and light?.. Space ready for planting yet? In 2 days or so you’ll be ready to plant I bet

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ima use grow,micro,and bloom to feed it but the matrimony has began the greenery is still spreader thanks for the push in a try to make the best of it

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what’s the best kind of weed anyone has smoked or grew so far or best flavors or best batch I think I got some good flavors good for the laid out mode :grinning: chilling​:wink:

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If you want couch lock make sure to watch for amber trichomes. The more amber. The more lock.

Plants need food to grow. There is enough stored energy in a seed to push the cotyledons up and the roots down. To go beyond that they need proper nutrition and light energy.

It’s like saying a new born baby doesn’t need food for the first 30 days. Don’t wait until it’s starving before you feed it!


So you would start feeding immediatly after putting them in soil? Is that why they say to start nutrients at a quarter strength of what’s on the bottle?
And would you start them on the Grow, Bloom & Micro right away, or do you begin with fish emulsions?


Yessir, a mild nutrient solution as soon as there are roots. Different nutrient lines have different seedling and rooted clone application rates.

I always try to supplement young plants with seaweed, fulvic, B vitamins, and aminos on top of my base nutrients.


You totally don’t want to feed right away. That’s the fast track to killing you seedings. Use water for at least the first three weeks. Only thing you might add is mycorr in your water. And keep them on a heat mat.


the root came out my white widow seed but my strawberry banana grape seed is still forming its cool this gotta be big

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both of my roots sprouted gotta focus hard on next part looking for some great buds

Focus on making your seedlings healthy. Don’t worry about buds for now.

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yeah I gotta be there on the right time for these roots do you have some weed in your procession right now like as far from planting

Not sure I follow your questions

Becareful around here. Lots of people here will steer you the wrong way.
There are a few basics to growing. Just follow those. And don’t let the pretend growers gave you advice. You’ll see who the real growers are here. And who are pretenders.
Just some advice.