Just some weather information

Well yesterday was not a good day, late afternoon saw a RAGING storm come through, I was out in my truck, I had to find a place where there were no trees as the wind was at least 70 mph and tree limbs were coming down everywhere. It was raining so hard you literally could see nothing but gray. When it subsided a bit I drove home and found about 40 feet of facia off my house, my garden plants were all broken off and laying on the ground despite having been staked up with re-rod and tied down every 6 inches or so. Also lost my favorite plants (hint hint) pictures of which I just put up on the show us your buds thread. And once again it hailed, this was the second time for that. We have had a pretty nice summer overall with pretty mild temps for St. Louis. But twice now it got crazy wild. Yesterday was a crazy wild day. So @bobette I now join you in losing my grow to inclement weather. (Your turn to bring the beer lol)


@sssportsmfg so sorry to hear it.


Damn!!! So sorry @sssportsmfg … that sucks!
Yup bringing the beer! :beers: Sometimes a shot or two of tequila helps! Lol!
Hope you still have something salvageable. :green_heart::v:


You just can’t catch a break!

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Life throws you curves, and you just bend so you don’t break. Had the city not run their water off the street onto my property, and I didn’t have a river down my driveway to wash out my yard it probably would have been fine. As it was it was broken off, and buried in mud. I suppose I could have tried to salvage it, but it was 12 hours later when it got light so it was a pretty sad affair lol. Not to worry we will grow again, both I and @bobette after all that’s all you can do.


Thanks, we will just try again…and again…lol.


Damn! So sorry. So much we put into our gardens, whether they be veggies or weed. Hugs to all who are having a rough time.