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Just tore apart my submersible pump it was full of oil!

Trying to check a capacitor I didn’t realize it was full of oil and oi oil everywhere!!! Ruined my winter jeans:( so beware it’s messy but I’m too poor to buy a new pump rebuild is only option lol


Wow, bummer. What’s the status?


I need to buy another capacitor but it’s fixable. Need a trip to the city to buy one tho they don’t carry small ones like that (7.5 mf) around here then I have to refill the mineral oil from a screw hole on top of unit. The oil is a safety system to keep water out :wink: I hope my fav winter jeans cleaned up I washed them 5x haha


If you would’ve messaged me before taking it apart, I would have told you. :wink: