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Just wanted to check in

Hey guys,
Most of you know me. I do see a lot of new people aswell. To you guys I say welcome as I have to everyone before you.
For the last few months I have been on one wild ride. So as most of you know. I have been I the canna business a very long time. Mostly black market growing up in Humboldt CA. Gorrilla growing running from CAMP. Trying to survive with hippie parents in a prohibition nation.
So as we know I was working as a master grower for a well known very large cannabis and hemp company based in multiple states here in America. Needless to say I kinda feel out of love with what I loved. After a few meetings, I felt it was best to move on.
I’m not the type to work for someone else. Never have been. I have been breeding off and on for quite a few years, and really enjoyed it. ( You guys know cannabis is one of only a handful of plants that are male and female?). So over the last couple of years I began to stop growing flower almost totally. And went full force into breeding. Never happier.
Watching the trends of the current breeders all I see is untested, mostly unstable. Genes coming out. They are coming so fast and hard we never rework or enjoy them like we used too.
Don’t get me started on the pairings some of these guys choose.
So I wanted to continue to work on old and new projects properly and not rush them out for a quick buck.
This lead me to doing some traveling. I went to Spain, Mexico, Africa , Thailand , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jamaica, London and a few other spots. Along my travels I saw Soo much. Never could have imagined what I didn’t know.
These travels opened my eyes to another path. Now I’ve begun to build specific fungi and cacti garden for medicinal needs. I’m a little ways out. Still working out some things. But my eyes are wide open to the power of true natural healing plants.
I’ve been suffering with some sort of brain issues, I have so many Drs working on me. So many appointments. That I’m trying anything to get away from pain and surgery. My condition might be easy to treat. It might not there hasn’t been any answers or improvement in a few years now. My daily life is painful at best only it’s in my brain and the Drs aren’t really sure what to do.
This had caused me to change myself inside. The way I treat myself and others around me. I’m trying to not carry so much weight and stress. Trying to live in this moment right now. Because day by day doesn’t cut it for me anylonger. Please don’t misunderstand me this isn’t a pitty post. I hope atleast one of you reads this and understands how lucky you are for what you have, not what you don’t. Cherish your loved ones. Your joy. Your happiness. Be good to each other. It’s hard for all of us.

We just need to be better to each other but especially ourselves. Do what makes you happy. Never surrender that.

TL:DR:. I’m a whinny baby :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Stay tuned my work here isn’t finished not by a long shot.

I will be doing a breeding project or two. Fully documented. I’d love to get a new lighting company onboard for this. I will be pulling out some strains that none of you have ever seen or heard of. Stay tuned friends


Sounds like you’ve got a wealth of stories and advice to share. Looking forward to getting to know and learn from you!


I am a person who has been blessed in many ways. Even though my daily life may not feel that way. It has forced me to appreciate every moment now. I had spent a few years in the Middle East. My hearing is almost gone now. I have this disorder called occular migraines where I’m blinded by pulsating geometric colors. The Drs aren’t really sure why. They are confident it will take my sight. I spent most of my life angry and upset at the world for the things it had done to me.

To this very moment I know I’m fighting for my life. That’s when I knew I had to change my perspective. LITTERLY on everything. This is where I say I’m blessed. Having the ability to see this and try to do this daily is probably the hardest things I’ve ever done. However it is in fact the only path I can now walk.
I try now to help every person I come across both online and in real life. I live in LA CA. Sometimes that’s not always a good call. But for years I was blind to everything around me. I just didn’t care. I am I’m a process of change. I want to be better and I want to give everything I can to make everyone happy, smile, or their day, week, month life better. Even if just for a minute. Or just a little tiny bit.

Sorry for the rant. I think talking about something’s helps all of us heal. It’s kinda a big deal that we do that in today’s world.
Stay tuned for more