Katmwall second grow!

Hey everyone!! I’m back and am getting ready to start my second ever grow!! :seedling: Super exciting. I already have some seeds given graciously to me by @PreyBird1 and some feminized seeds I ordered from seedsherenow.com to plant. I will have 5 plants total. I need some help getting up and going though. Last time I germinated seeds it was for fun, I didn’t think I would actually get a whole plant from it. This time I’m counting on getting plants so I need advice on how to best germinate new seeds, how to have strong baby plants, and in general how to start. I already have 2 lights. A blurple one and a quantum board that is dimmable, I need pots, more soil, and probably a new ppm reader (I dropped mine in the water last grow). I have a lot of the big ticket items already like a grow tent and an in-line fan, carbon filter, etc. I just need some help getting going.

Thanks everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@katmwall ! Hello great to see you again. Glad your up and running again. Almost there!


I just put my seeds in water for 24 hours in a warm dark place usually a kitchen cupboard then plant them about a half inch I dont do the whole paper towel thing or tails on my seeds

sometimes you have to help take the shell off can be difficult

Don’t soak the seeds for too long you will basically drowns the seeds same with seedlings

Have moist soil but not drenched should hold it over for a couple days then a light watering good for another couple days


Yooo Girl how are you? Why didn’t you just whatsapp me? How your man? Hows the new job? Its good to see ya :v:


I didn’t want to overload ya @PreyBird1! My man is good. He just recovered from getting his appendix taken out. I’m seeing him today after work. The new job is good as well. It’s tough and it’s contract work so there’s no guantee that I’ll get hired on permanently. There are 2 open spots for lab techs though so I’m hoping beyond hope that they keep me. I really don’t want to have to find another job. :pleading_face: other than that can’t complain too much. Life’s been pretty good. Just busy!! Now that I finally have a bit of a schedule I want to start growing again! I’m hoping this batch is more potent than lucky was. Lolz


@1sttimegrower Here’s another journal of someone growing prey’s seeds.